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Ancient China and Ja

social studies

A family of rulers is called Dynasties
This religion teaches how to escape suffering Buddhism
This religion is known as the way of the gods Shinto
This religion believes in finding peace or harmony with nature Taoism
This religion stresses the importance of moral character Confucianism
A group of families who trace their decent from a common ancestor Clan
Japan's Golden Age was during which dynasty Heian
China's last dynasty was Qing
How many years did Japan isolate itself from all the other countries 200 years
The Chinese carried silk,porcelain,tea,spices and incense along the Silk Road
The Mongols invaded China.They were led by.. 1 of 2 Genghis Khan
and his grandson...2 of 2 Koblai Khan
Japanese warriors who pledged to serve a particular lord and protected his estate were called Samurai
In 1549 missionaries came to Japan and started converting the Japanese to Catholicism
The Chinese kept secret how to manufacture.....From foreigners Silk
The Emperors chief general and held most of the countries power was called Shogun
Is a strong but delicate type of ceramic that the Chinese made from clay Procelain
What two countries influenced Japan's culture ? China and Korea
By law and privilege......became a distinct social class Christanity
List three items traded on the Silk Road Spices,Tea and Porcelain
Short Answers.....Need work.... Explain why Japan isolated itself for centries
Short Anwers..Need work.. Tell me a fact,not on this test that you learned from this chapter
Created by: cristina marie
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