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Welcome to the World

social studies

Which term refers to a legal member of a country ? Citizen
Which part of social studies focuses on people and events of the Past ? History
Which term refers to the conflict between unlimited desires and limited resources? Scarcity
In the study of history, which is an example of a primary source ? A letter written long ago
Which part of social studies is the study of people,places,and the environment ? Geography
Which is an example of a culture trait ? The kinds of clothing worn by a group of people
Interdependence between cutural regions has increased as a result of advancements in Air transportation
What do we call an area where the people share a language,history and set of beliefs ? Culture region
Which is a feature of a dveloped country ? Good transportation
Who makes the laws in a totalitarian government ? The rulers
Which of these is a natural resource ? Fertile soil
The study of the past is know as ? History
Which is a form of unlimited goverment ? Totalitarianism
Which is a theme in the study of geography ? Movement
A Culture region is a place where most people eat meat. FALSE
A culture trait is something, such as a language,belief,or tool, that is shared by people of a certain culture. TRUE
Interdependence is the influence of one cultural region on another. TRUE
Economics is the study of how laws are made in the given country. FALSE
Geography focuses on the location,region,place,movement,and human-environment interaction. TRUE
The confict between unlimited desires and limited resources Scarcity
The beliefs,customs, and ways of living shared by a group of people Culture traits
The people and groups that make and carry out laws for a society Government
The gifts of nature, human skills, and tools that people use to fulfill their needs Resources
Kinds of food,clothing,beliefs,lauguages, or tools shared by a culture Culture
The study of how people manage their resources Economics
5 Themes of Geography Movement,Region,Place,Location,Human- Enviroment
List 3 of 7 Culture Regions Latin American , Canada ,USA
List the 5 fields for learning about Social Studies Government, History, Culture, Economics, Geography
Which country has the lowest literacy rate ? LITERACY RATES ( 1995) Pakistan
What is the literacy rate in Kenya ? 78 Percent
Which country has the highest literacy rate ? Greece
Which country has about the same literacy rate as Kenya ? Kuwait
What is the literacy rate in Greece ? 95 Percent
ESSAY...How Can studying government or geography or history help people from different culture regions get alone better ? Studing government, geography,or history can help people from different culture regions to get along better because Government can help understand the group with in a society that have the authority to make laws.Geography is understanding of it's people,p
Created by: cristina marie
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