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MJHS Alternate 5th grade vocab

What is a fiction book? A made-up story.
What is a biography book? The trude story of someone's life.
What is a non-fiction book? A "true" book.
What is an atlas? A book of maps.
What is an almanac? A book of facts and statistics.
What is the Dewey Decimal System? A system of classifying books by their subject.
What is the call number? Shows where to find the book on the shelf.
What is the barcode? How the computer identifies the book.
What does copyright mean? It is when the author registered the work as his/her won.
What is the blurb? 2-3 paragraphs that get the reader interested in the book.
What are illustrations? Any pictorial material.
What is the Table of Contents? A listing of sections/chapters in the order they appear.
What is the index? An alphabetical list of terms and what page(s) they appear on.
What is an encyclopedia? A book with articles on many subjects.
What is a database? A collection of material searchable by computer.
What is a search engine? A tool that lets you search the Internet.
What is the Internet? A vast network of computers that use common communication tools.
What is a search term? Words that you use to search electronically.
What are hits? The results of an Internet search.
What is Google? The largest search engine in the world.
Created by: schurrjd