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strb 7th rel final

7th religion final

Because God's complete identity cannot be seen or understood by humans, God is... a mystery
Because God was, is, and always will be, he is... eternal
Because God is..., we can count on his promise to bring salvation to all people. faithful
Genesis tells the story of... God's creation
The first humans were able to see the reflections of God because he gave them the gift of... human reason
God's relationship with his Chosen People is told in the... Old Testament
The exodus of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt is a preveiw of the... that Christ would bring. salvation
We will only fully understand God when we are in... heaven
Even when we disobey, God shows us... love. compassionate
Love, truth, and mystery are examples of... God's attributes
Steadfast love, truth, almighty Attributes of God
To turn from God sin
God is, was, and always will be eternal
The ability to think and make connections intellect
Created in God's image humans are free to... choose
Because God is a..., we will not fully understand him until we are in heaven. mystery
Through ..., God wants to reconcile creation to himself. his Son
Wrote for the Jews, symbol is the winged man, and wrote about the human side of Jesus. Mathew
Wrote the first Gospel, the shortest Gospel, stresses the anouncement of the Kingdom of God, and his symbol is the winged lion. Mark
Focuses on practical and ordinary things, occupation was doctor, he showed Jesus and his sympathy for the poor and sick, and his symbol is the winged ox. Luke
Focuses on spiritual things, shows the relationship of our love for God and God's love for us, and his symbol is the winged eagle (bird). John
Actual words that were written and recorded and you have to know the time and culture in which it was written Literal sense of scripture
Certain events that pointed to Christ even before his birth allegorical sense
How to live justly and humbly before God moral sense
How human events and realities are signs of our heavenly future anagogical sense
... records the story of the relationship between God and his people. The Bible
This body of sacred texts chosen by the Church as inspired by God is called the... of Scripture. canon
The authors of the Gospels, called..., wrote about Jesus' life and ministry evangelists
As a literary form, ... are short stories containing great wisdom. proverbs
... presents Jesus' life, ministry, and teachings. The Gospels
True or False? Even though the Bible was written by humans, God is the principle author because he inspired the writers. True
True or False? When John writes in the Gospel that the Word was God, he is referring to the Holy Spirit. False
True or False? The primary sense of Scripture refers to the actual words that have been recorded. False
True or False? The spiritual sense of scripture inclues the allegorical sense, showing how certain events pointed to Christ. True
True or False? The Letters of Paul are the central books of Scripture because the present Jesus' life, ministry, and teaching. False
The author of the Gospel of John tells us that Jesus Christ is the... of God. Word
The... sense of Scripture refers to the actual word that have been recorded. literal
Catholics respond to God and commit themselves to follow God's word during... Mass
God's word helps us develop a ..., which helps us judge right between wrong. conscience
In the Bible, the literary form of... help people see the surprising way God works. parables
God's... is a promise to live in a relationship of love with his people. covenant
The Aramaic word... can be translated as "daddy" in English. Abba
... requires us to do good and avoid evil. Natural law
True or False? God's law of nature is evident in the Ten Commandments. False
True or False? Jesus wants people to follow God's law because we are afraid not to. False
True or False? Through Jesus' miracles we see God's desire to make us whole. True
True or False? Jesus gives us a new law-to love one another as he loves us. True
True or False? God's revealed law is manifested only on the Ten Commandments. False
True or False? Believers in Christ live holy lives when they voluntarily live by the law of love that dwells within our hearts. True
In the... Jesus makes it known that God's divine life can be part of our existence. Resurrection
The beginning of the Lord's prayer refers to God as..., or Our Father. Abba
True or False? When we are baptized, we become adopted children of God. True
God's divine guidance in the books of the Bible inspiration
God gave us the gift of..., which allows us to grow in knowledge and search for meaning. human reason
Natural law and revealed law are part of God's... eternal law
Created in God's image, humans have free will, meaning they are free to... love and choose
God has offered the free gift of... so that we can share in his life. grace
When we are baptized, we become members of God's family, the... Church
Jesus asked the Apostles to go and make... of all nations. disciples
The center of Catholic faith and belief is the... Blessed Trinity
The... between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is the answer to the mystery of the Trinity. love
Parents and children need to honor their relationship in a loving way according to the... Fourth Commandment
..., or the authority of our goverment, comes from God's authority and care for all people. Civil authority
Jesus established the... through the Apostles. Church
The Holy Spitit is a... to the Church. counselor
The... is the mystery of the Son of God taking on human nature. Incarnation
The word incarnation literally means... In the flesh
At the..., Gabriel announced to Mary that she would be the Mother of God. Annunciation
A... is a sign, wonder, or action that can only take place through the power of God. miracle
the everlasting Word of God Jesus
True or False? The Holy Spirit was acting in Mary before she was born so that through her the Son of God could become man. True
True or False? Jesus is like us in all things but sorrow. False
True or False? The name Jesus literally means "God lives." False
True or False? God the Father speaks directly to us in Christ through the power of the Incarnation. True
Jesus is our model of being... because he is always true to who he is even when there is a cost. authentic
Jesus is both true God and true... man
Mary sang the... after Gabriel's visit, beginning with the words "My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord." Magnificat
Mary is our... because when Jesus was on the cross he gave her to us. spiritual mother
The Holy Spirit is called an advocate because... he speaks on our behalf
... is the liturgical feast that celebrates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles. Pentecost
After the Last Supper, Jesus prayed in... Gethsemene
Jesus promised the disciples he would continue to communicate with them after his death through the... Holy Spirit
The Church is the... in the world. Body of Christ
The Holy Spirit brings... to the Church. life and energy
A prayer of petition asks God for something good for... ourselves
A prayer of... asks God for something good for another person. intercession
... passes on to us the authentic teachings of the Church. Tradition
... is when we raise our minds and hearts to God. prayer
The Holy Spirit brings those in the Church into... by their belief in Jesus. harmony
When we pray a prayer of... we identify God's gifts to us. blessing
True or False? God the Father speaks indirectly to us in Christ. False
True or False? Prayers of belssings acknowledge and thank God. False
Stage One of Cannonization is what? Veneration
What is the thing that begins in Stage one? The death of the canidate
What is the second thing that need to happen in stage one of cannonization? Catholic was regarded as particularly holy in life
What is the third thing that happens in stage one of cannonization? Local Bishop examines person's life
What is the fourth thing that happens in stage one of cannonization? The information is sent to the Vatican theologians
What is the fifth thing that happens in stage one of cannonization? The information is sent to the Congregation for the Cause of Saints (Headed by the Cardinals)
What is the sixth and last thing that happens in stage one of cannonization? They are now named "Venerable"- heroic in nature and have reached the first level of being sacred
What is Stage two of cannonization called? Beatification
What is the first requirement of the second stage of cannonization? Necessary for non-martyrs only
What is the second requirement of the second stage of cannonization? Evidence of one miracle that happened after the canidate died
What is the third requirement of the second stage of cannonization? Miracle must be a result of a specific request to them
What is the miracle in stage two seen as? Proof that they can intercede for us on Earth as a voice in heaven
What is stage three of cannonization called? final miracle
Who participates in stage three? martyrs and non-martyrs
What is required in stage three? one more miracle
What happens with the conclusion of stage three? Canidate is offically named a saint by the Pope.
A new Saint gets what 6 things? Name added to catalouge of saints, invoked in public prayer, churched dedicated in their memory, mass offered in their honor, a feast day, and relics publicly honored.
Six new saints were cannonized on... October 17, 2010
Name three facts about St. Mary MacKillop. 1st saint from Australia, educated poor children in rural areas, and inspired women to join country's first community of religious women
Name three facts about St. Andre Besette. First native Canadian saint, doorman at Notre Dame College in Montreal, had little instruction but intense prayer life, showed others a healing touch through oil, and he had ties to Omaha
Name three facts about St. Stanislaw Saltys. Priest who cared for poor in Poland, precaher and confessor, known as "Apostle of Eucharist," took communion to sick and poor, and had ties to Omaha.
Name two facts about St. Candida Maria de Jesus. Native of Spain, founded Daughters of Jesus with 5 other young women, and she ran a special school on Sunday for girls
Name three facts about St. Guila Sulzano. Elementary school teacher, taught Cathechism to school children in Naples Italy, founded Congregation of Catetical Sisters of Sacred Heart, helped teach people of any age and social class, and her wish was to teach people about the Lord until she died
Name three facts about St. Camilla Battista Varano. Illegitimate daughter of Italian nobleman, father objected to her going to the Poor Clare convent, known for mystical prayer experiences, and died during an outbreak of the plague
Created by: artmullin1997
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