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struck with fear, dread, or consternation aghast
They were ___ when they discovered her secret. aghast
relating to or associated with an empire; "imperial colony" imperial
It was a time of industrial expansion for England, and ___ expansion for her territories. imperial
tender, romantic, or nostalgic feeling or emotion sentiment
A period of ___ and self-indulgence was over. sentiment
a nation's ruler or head of state usually by hereditary right monarch
She ruled for sixty-three years, longer than any other British ___ had. monarch
never before seen or done, without precedent unprecedented
She elevated that royal position to ___ heights. unprecedented
a minor short-term fight skirmishes
England had assorted ___ with the Chinese, the Abyssinians, the Afghans, the Zulus. skirmishes
united under a central government federated
The colonies in British North America and Australia were ___ and became self-governing. federated
required by rule compulsory
Parliament making education ___. compulsory
a prince who is the husband of a reigning female sovereign Prince Consort
The ___ was a student, a philanthropist, a businessman. Prince Consort
traveled up ascended
He ___ the stairs. ascended
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