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tawehis spelling

my words

YETI A mythical creature said to live in the Himalayan mountains.
FERAL Existing in a natural state.
ABORIGINE First known inhabitants of a certain country.
CISTERN A tank or reservoir used for holding water.
ELOCUTION A persons manner of speaking in public.
monstrosity the state or character of bieng monsterous.
rambunctious Dificult to handle or control.
surmountable to mount apon, stand upon.
curmudgeon a bad-tempered, difficult, cantankerous person.
herringbone a pattern consisting of adjoining vertical rows of slanting lines, any two contiguous lines forming either a V or an inverted V, used in masonry, textiles, embroidery,
millennium 1000 years.
convivial friendly; agreeable
papyrus a big, aquatic plant, Cyperus , of the sedge family, native to the Nile valley: the Egyptian subspecies, C. papyrus hadidii, thought to be common in ancient times
impudent pertaining to, or characterized by impertinence or effrontery:
legalese accessive ammount of legal speaking.
concomitant occuring or existing
tandoori cooked in an indian oven/tandoor
anthropology science of early times/people.
effervescent bubbly
hexagonal a form of hexagon/pertaining to
peripheral side point of view
uvula a small part of your body
abacus arithmetic calculations
supplicate pray humbly
kanji japanese form of writing
woebegone be gone with woe/worries
olympiad four years
toxicosis action of poison
lugubrious mornful
nonnegotiable capable of not bieng negotionable
orthographize to spell correctly
decaffeinate take out caffiene
gigabyte measure of storage
entrepreneur person who organizes companys and stuffs
froufrou alaborate decorate
hypochondria bacteria
variegated appearance or color
sabotage to ruin something
pestilence disease
incendiary fire
malleable change pressure with a roller
annexation new territory
quadrilateral a shape with four sides
quadrilateral a shape with four sides
reticulated netted network
Mesopotamian ancient rivers
chaperonage a person marys an older man
tempestuous characterize by ocean
endocrine secreting to the blood
mauve bluish purple color
intermittent stopping or ceasing for a certain time.
Created by: tmora