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jsr 9-2 geo midterm

midterm vocabulary

Import goods brought into a country EX: clothing, coffee, cars, etc.
Export goods sent to markets outside a country.
Absolute Location To use the numbered lines of longitude and latitude seen on many maps and globes.
Relative Location By describing the position of something in relation to another place.
Elevation height above sea level, but the mountains are at least 2,000 ft high.
Climate The average weather a place has over a period up to 20 years.
Geography Is the study of where people, places, and things are located and how they create to each other.
Interdependence Is the dependence of countries on goods, resources and Knowledge from other parts of the world.
Racism Is the belief that one racial group is naturally superior to another.
Latitude Measures distances north and south of the equator. A)runs east to west on map B)also is called parallels C)does not intersect with the equator
Longitude measures distance east to west of the prime meridian. A)intersects with the poles B)also called meridian
Culture that is all the things that make up a persons entire way of life.
ethnocentrism judging other cultures by standards of one's own culture.
Diffusion the movement of customs or ideas from one place to another.
Dictatorship a ruler or group that holds power by force. EX:Cuba
Nuclear family includes a wife, a husband and their children. EX: a family found in the U.S.A
democracy a government which has supreme power. EX:U.S.A
extended family has several generations living in one household. EX:China, India
monotheism the worship of one god EX:Christianity,Judaism, Islam
polytheism Worship of more than one god. EX:Native Americans, Hindus
parallel lines latitude lines on a map distance that never touch; run east-west
meridians longitude lines on a map; run north-south
equator 0 degrees latitude; breaks the globe into north and south hemispheres
prime meridian 0 degress longitude; breaks the globe into east and west hemispheres
degree (on a map) a measure of distance on a map; one degree latitude equals 70 miles
hemispheres half of a circle, like the earth EX: the earth has the northern, southern, eastern and western hemispheres.
location position on the earths surface. EX:i live in Weare New Hampshire on 434 east ave
interaction relationships between people and their environment.
movement refers to the way people, products, information and ideas move from one place to another.
place a place/area that is defined with everything in it. EX:school has walls, desks, chairs, windows etc.
region a place defined by its unifying characteristics; for ex: the Middle East speaks Arabic and worships Islam
language we speak English while other country's speak other languages.
economy the system of production and distribution and consumption
government people organize tahemselves to provide safety, security and order in the society; to help keep states in line. a lot have chiefs,councils, democracy, dictatorship and republic/democratic.
social organization nuclear family and extended family. social classes
customs and traditions you learn how to eat with a fork while kids in china learn how to eat with chop sticks. we celebrate Christmas while others don't.
arts and literature music and literature that entertain us.
religion monotheism and polytheism Christianity=monotheism native Americans= polytheism
culture group group which share characteristics such as shared language, shared religion
Mayas, Incas and Aztecs Mayas= lived in the dense rain forest; Yucatan Peninsula Aztecs= built Tenochtitlan, they are nomadic people, they migrated from asia to north America Incas= they are religious
Mestizos people of a mixed European and native American ancestry
indigenous native.
rain shadow a dry area on the mountainside facing away from the direction of the wind.
Cortes he was a Spanish conquistador in 1519. he wanted to conquer the Aztec empire with 600 men, 16 horses, and 14 cannons. but they won after 2 years
colonization when another country comes in and rules that country.
imperialism control by one country of the political, economic, or cultural life of another country or region.
conquistador Spanish conquerors of Latin America.
biodiversity the variety of species of animals and plants.
deforestation to rapidly cut down a forest.
democracy a political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them.
France Haiti was colonized by this country. Haiti owed France a lot of money, so they had to take a loan out to pay them back.
revolt to rebel against the government.
"papa doc" Duvalier was a dictator of Haiti. he was a cruel person who wanted to get revenge. took lots of peoples goods and riches. he has a soon.
"baby doc" Duvalier he was also a dictator of Haiti. he was papa docs son. he was a cruel person.
Aristide he was elected slum priest in 1990. he spoke up for poor people in Haiti. he was over thrown by the military in 1991.
International aid when other countries help other countries in need by sending money, food, medicine
Gonave microplate tectonic plate under haiti
land reform redistributing the land so everyone got some.
Haves vs. Have-nots haves- they had lots of land, money and riches. Have-nots- poor people have little land and lots of farming.
cash crop a single crop produced for export, usually by foreign companies for a great profit on thousands of acres.
rural country side
urban city side
social justice the fair treatment of people.
poverty living without having most basic needs met for adequate food, water and shelter.
illiteracy cant read/write
Rwanda Genocide mass of killing of Tutsis. lasted 3 months
propaganda one sided info. used to make people think one way. EX: cockroaches,
Hutu Killers- Rwanda Genocide
Tutsi Victims- Rwanda Genocide
Belgium European country that colonized Rwanda took over Rwanda.
Valentina Tutsi girl- She hid among dead bodies for 45 days- she survived- all the Tutsi died- she got bad wounds
Reconciliation/Gacaca find truce- had to figure out a way to live together. an agreement-gacaca
Bill Clinton he said sorry to Africa and that was it. he did nothing to help them what so ever. the u.n also said sorry.
uganda/ child soldiers abducted from their homes and forced to fight. if they were to young they worked as slaves. girls got raped most of the time.
invisible children children abducted by Joseph Konney who use to fight. they help kids who are in need.
Joseph Kony/ lord's resistance army (LRA) LRA= gorrila army ran the child soldiers. he was the head of the milltion group who abducted children ( who were used in fights)
slave trade kidnapping villagers people trade them for weapons, auction them off. they are shipped over seize. they sold a lot of them in America
Middle passage Rt across the ocean. transit Atlantic crossing
tight pack they put people in the spoon form. EX:= =, on top of each other
abolition/ abolitionist certain feelings about slavery they wanted slave trade while Abolitionist-to get rid of slave trade
missionaries convert people to Christianity they thought if you weren't converted that you would go to hell Their have-nots
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