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Geography Seminar Test 2

Key WordDefinition
Environmental Determinism -Everything = f(environment) -Used as an instrument of colonialism and imperialism to explain cultural differences -Still part of popular thought today -Arnold Toynebee described it best with "Challenge and Response" -Frigid>work hard
Environmental Possibilism -environmental presents possibilities -a limited number of choices -different groups can use similar environment in different ways. Example: Lakota Indians vs European settlers -A given group can use different environments in similar ways.
Environmental Perception -Not what the environment is, but what we think it is. -How we perceive environment will affect how we use it. -Ex: Oregon Trail, settlers passed up the best agriculture (great plains) -Perception: trees=good soil, grass=poor Eastern view> maintain
Environmental Modification Environment = f(human action) Also the opposite of environmental determinism -The environment is the result of our impact ex:Natural forest fires are extinguished, thus changing the natural environment for many decades.
Deviation Amplifying System (Open System) Deviations from the norm are amplified. Cities that get airports have amplified growth. Human Environmental Paradigm
Site Environmental Characteristics of teh location, landforms, climate, soil, etc
Situation Relative location. Where place is relative other important places. Connectivity to the rest of the world. E.C. located next to large tree stands, the river connects E.C. to the world market so, trees out, market in
Spaceship Earth Implies the Earth as a whole is a closed system. Besides meteors coming in and space crafts going out the earth is a closed system. However, the most important element coming in is SOLAR energy.
Closed System No inputs from outside system, no outputs to outside. Grow own food, generate own oxygen
Colonialism Driven by human environmental conditions. Variations in spaces as content. Drive to acquire products Europe could not produce. Justified by environmental determinism. "Brought civilization to savages, including religion"
Ecosystem All the natural elements that make up a natural system, plants, animals, climate, etc
Open System Inputs from outside, outputs to outside, such as Deviation Amplifying System
Hydrologic Cycle The movement of water and water vapor from the sea to the atmosphere, to the land, and back to the sea and atmosphere again "one of the great problems of history" Water shortages in California> take more out than comes in>open or closed system? -depends
Carrying Capacity the maximum number of organisms that can use a given area of habitat without degrading the habitat and without causing social stresses that result in the population being reduced.
Created by: speerdm