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Africa Review

NHJH Created by 1st Period

What are the two major rivers in Africa? Congo and Nile
What is a Blood Diamond? A diamond smuggled out of Sierra Leone; profits are often used to buy weapons.
When did Apartheid end? 1991
Rwanda was the site of the Rwandan ____ in 1994. Genocide
Which group (Hutus or Tutsis) now heads the Rwandan government? Tutsis
What is the major export of Sierra Leone? Diamonds
What is the major import of Sierra Leone? Food
What was the system of legalized racism in South Africa? Apartheid
Who was the first non-European president of South Africa? Nelson Mandela
How would you describe the life expectancies in Africa? Short or Low
AIDS and other _____________ are major issues in Africa. diseases
What is genocide? Killing of a group of people based on ethnicity.
When did the civil war occur within Sierra Leone? 1990s
Sorious Samura studied hunger within this poor East African nation. Ethiopia
Most of the fishing industry off the coast of Africa is controlled by: Foreign nations
Who are the Boers? Dutch farmers who immigrated to South Africa.
The original name for South Africa. Rhodesia
What were non-Europeans prevented from doing in South Africa? Voting
90% of the population of Rwanda __________. farms
This organization was criticized for not stopping the genocide in Rwanda. The United Nations
The highest point in Africa is: Mount Kilimanjaro
Africa is surrounded by: water
Some scientists believe that Africa was once connected to: South America
What is to the north of Africa? Mediterranean Sea
What is the lowest point in Africa? Lake Assal
This nation gained control of South Africa throughout much of the early 1900s. Great Britain
Created by: nhsdwelch