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U.S and Florida Geo

Study materials for geography classes

Lake Okeechobee Largest lake in the state of Florida
Tallahassee Capital of Florida
Gulfstream current Large warm water current running along the east coast of Florida
sinkhole a depression in the earth caused by the collapse of underlying limestone
Biscayne Bay The body of water adjacent to the City of Miami
Cape Canaveral Large cape on the east coast of Florida. Home to NASA launches
River of Grass Another name for the Everglades
Kissimmee River Large river in the center of the state that empties into Lake Okeechobee
St. Johns River One of only two rivers in the US that flow north. Ends at Jacksonville
marl A type of limestone prevalent in Florida
coquina Stone made from compressed bits of sea shells
Palm Beach County Largest county in Florida
Union County Smallest county in Florida
peninsula A land mass bordered on three sides by water
Straits of Florida The body of water that separates Florida from Cuba
Daytona Beach The hard packed sand on this beach allowed early racing car events to be held here
Walt Disney World Florida's most popular tourist destination
345 feet Elevation of the highest point in Florida
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