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Chabner ch-4

carp/o wrist bones
cib/o meals
cis/o to cut
cost/o rib
cutane/o skin
dactyl/o fingers; toes
duct/o to lead; carry
flex/o to bend
furc/o forking; branching
gloss/o tongue
glyc/o sugar
immun/o protection
morph/o shape; form
mort/o death
nat/i birth
nect/o to bind; tie; connect
norm/o rule; order
ox/o oxygen
pub/o pubis--PUBIC BONE
seps/o infection
somn/o sleep
son/o sound
the/o to put; place
thel/o nipple
thyr/o shield
top/o place; position; location
tox/o poison
urethr/o urethra
-blast embryonic; immature
-cyesis pregnancy
-drome to run
-fusion coming together; to pour
-gen producing; forming
-lapse to slide; fall; sag
-lysis breakdown; separation; loosening
-meter to measure
-mission to send
-or one who
-partum birth; labor
-phoria to bear; carry; feeling
-physis to grow
-plasm development; formation
-pnea breathing
-rrhea flow; discharge
-stasis stop; control; place
a- no; not; without
an- no; not; without
ab- away from
ad- toward
ana- up; apart
ante- before; forward
anti- against
auto- self; own
bi- two
brady- slow
cata- down
con- with; together
contra- against; opposite
de- down; lack of
dia- through; complete
dys- bad; painful; difficult; abnormal
ec- out; outside
ecto- out; outside
en- in; within
endo- in; within
epi- upon; on; above
eu- good; normal
ex- out; away from
hemi- half
hyper- excessive; above
hypo- deficient; under
in- not
in- into; within
infra- beneath
inter- between
intra- into; within
macro- large
mal- bad
meta- beyond; change
micro- small
neo- new
pan- all
para- abnormal; beside; near
per- through
peri- surrounding
poly- many; much
post- after; behind
pre- before; in front of
pro- before; forward
pseudo- false
re- back; again
retro- behind; backward
sub- under
supra- above; upper
syn- together; with
sym- together; with
tachy- fast
trans- across; through
ultra- beyond; excess
uni- one
ipsi- same
Created by: nastronomical