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Essentials of A&P


Hooke He was the first person to describe cells
Leeuwenhook He discovered single-celled organisms including bacteria
Schleiden He concluded that all plant parts were made of cells
Schwann He concluded that all animal tissues were made of cells
Virchow He concluded that all cells come from existing cells
All organisms are made up of 1 or more cells What is the 1st part of the cell theory
The cell is the basic unit of all living things What is the 2nd part of the cell theory
All cells come from existing cells What is the 3rd part of the cell theory
Cells of plants & fungi Identify 2 kinds of cells that have cell walls
It does not have to take in nutrients Why can a chicken egg grow so large
The surface area-to-volume ratio of the cell What limits most cells to a very small size
Divide the total surface area of the cell by the cell`s volume How would you calculate the surface area-to-volume ratio
Cell Membrane A protective layer that covers a cell`s surface
Cytoplasm The fluid inside a cell
Organelle A structure that performs a specific function in the cells
DNA The genetic material that carries information needed to make new-cells or new organisms
Nucleus An organelle that contains DNA & has a role in growth
All organisms have 1 or more cells What parts do all cells have in common
Eukaryotic & Prokaryotic What are the 2 basic kinds of cells
Are single-celled organisms that do not have a nucleus or membrane-bound organelles What are prokaryotes
Grouping organisms into different levels of classification How do scientists classify organisms
Bacteria & Archaea Scientists use many characteristics to classify prokaryotes into which 2 domains
They are tiny round organelles that are not membrane bound What are ribosomes
Heat loving Salt loving
10 How much larger is the eukaryotes cell larger than most of the bacteria cell
animilia kingdom plantea
An organism that is made up of more than one cell What does "multicellular" mean
It gives support to the cell What is the function of a cell wall
Cellulose What are the cell walls of plants & algae made of
Chitin What are the cell walls of fungi made of
It seperates the cells contents from the cells environment What is the function of a cell membranne
Proteins Lipids
Some of the proteins & the Lipids Which 2 substances control the movement of materials into & out of the cell
Cytoskeleton A web of proteins in the cytoplasm
It acts as both a muscle & a skeleton What are 2 functions of the cytoskeleton
DNA 2 What is the genetic material contained inside a cell nucleus
Control chemical reactions A function of proteins in a cell
Where the cell begins to make its ribosomes What is a nucleolus
Makes Protein What is the function of ribosomes
Animo Acid Proteins are made of
It makes proteins lipids
Smooth & Rough What are the 2 forms of endoplasmic reticulum
It breaks down sugar to produce energy What is the function of a mitochondrion
Mitochondria The site of cellular respiration
ATP Energy released in mitochondrion is stored in a substance
Plants & Alage Chloroplasts are organelles that are found in the cells
It is where photosynthesis takes place What is the function of a chloroplast
Chlorophyll Chloroplasts are green because they contain
Pakage & deliver proteins The function of the Golgi complex
it surrounds material to be moved into or out of a cell What is the function of a vessel
A lysosome is a vessel responsible for digestion inside a cell What is a lysosome
Lysosomes destroy worn out or damaged organelles What is the function of lysosomes
Valcules are large organelles that act like lysosomes or store water in other materials What function do vacuoles perform in plant and its fungal cells
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