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gre high freq list

barrons master words 333

abate subside,moderate
aberrant abnormal;deviant
abeyance suspended action
abscond depart secretly and hide
abstemious sparing in eating and drinking;temperate
admonish warn;reprove
adulterate make impure by adding inferior or tainted substances
aesthetic artistic;dealing with or capable of appreciating the beautiful
aggregate gather;accumulate
alacrity cheerful promptness;eagerness
alleviate relieve
amalgamate combine;unite in one body
ambiguous unclear or doubtful in meaning
ambivalence the state of having contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes
ameliorate improve
anachronism someone or something misplaced in time
analogous comparable
anarchy absence of governing body;state of disorder
anomalous abnormal;irregular
antipathy aversion;dislike
apathy lack of caring;indifference
appease pacify or soothe;relieve
apprise inform
approbation approval
appropiate acquire;take possession of for one's own use
arduous hard;strenous
artless open and honest;without guile(duplicacy)
ascetic practicing self-denial;austere
assiduous diligent;hardworking
assuage ease or lessen;satisfy;soothe
attenuate make thin or weaken
audacious bold;daring
austere forbiddingly stern;severely simple and unornamented
autonomous self-governing
aver state confidently
banal hackneyed;trite;commonplace;lacking originality
belie contradict;give false impression
beneficient kindly;doing good
bolster support;reinforce
bombastic pompous;using inflated language
boorish rude;insensitive
burgeon grow forth;send out buds
burnish make shiny by rubbing;polish
buttress support;prop up
cacophonous discordant;inharmonious
capricious unpredictable;fickle
castigation punishment;severe criticism
caustic burning;sarcastically biting
catalyst agent that brngs about a chemical change
chicanery trickery;deception
coagulate thicken;congeal;clot
coda concluding section of literary or musical composition
cogent convincing
commensurate equal in extent
compendium brief;comprehensive summary
complaisant trying to please;obliging
compliant yeilding;confirming to requirements
conciliatory reconciling;soothing
condone overlook;forgive;excuse
confound confuse;puzzle
connoisseur person competent to act as a judge of art
contention claim;thesis
contentious quarrelsome
contrite penitent;repentant
conundrum riddle;difficult problem
converge approach;tend to meet;come together
convoluted coiled around;involved;intricate
craven cowardly
daunt intimidate;frighten
decorum propriety(correct conduct);orderliness and good taste in manners
default failure to act
deference courteous regard for another's wish
delineate portray;sketch;depict
denigrate blacken;defame
deride ridicule;make fun of
derivative unoriginal;obtained from another source
desiccate dry up
desultory aimless;haphazard;lacking purpose
deterrent something that discourages;hinderance
diatribe bitter scolding;invective
dichotomy split;branching into 2 parts(esp contradictory ones)
diffidence shyness
diffuse wordy;rambling;spread out
digression wandering away from the subject
dirge lament with music;song for the dead
disabuse correct a false impression;undeceive
discerning mentally quick and observant;having insight
discordant not harmonious;conflicting
discredit defame;destroy confidence in;disbelieve
discrepancy lack of consistency;difference
discrete separate;unconnected
disingenuous not naive;sophisticated
disintrested unprejudiced
disjointed disconnected
disparate basically different;unrelated
dissemble disguise;pretend
disseminate spread;scatter;distribute
dissolution disintegration;looseness in morals
dissonance discord;opposite of harmony
distend expand or swell out
dismiss reject
disparage belittle
distill purify;refine;concentrate
diverge vary;go in diferent directions from the same point
divest strip;deprive;denude
document provide written evidence
dogmatic opinionated;arbitrary;doctrinal;arrogant
dormant sleeping;lethargic
dupe someone easily fooled
ebullient showing excitement
eclectic selective;composed of elements drwan from disparate sources
efficacy power to produce desired effect
effrontery shameless boldness
elegy poem or song expressing lamentation
elicit drawn out by discusson
embellish adorn;ornament;enhance,as a story
emperical based on experience
emulate imitate with effort to equal or surpass;rival with some degree of success
endemic prevailing among a specific group of ppl or specific area or country
enervate weaken
engender cause;produce
enhance increase;improve
ephemeral short-lived;fleeting
equanimity calmness of temperament;composure
equivocate mislead;attempt to conceal the truth
erudite learned;scholarly
esoteric hard to understand;known to the chosen few
eulogy expression of praise,often on occasion of someone's death
euphemism mild expression in stead of an unpleasant one
exacerbate worsen;embitter
exculpate clear from blame
exigeny urgent situation
extrapolation projection;conjecture
facetious joking(often inappropiately);humorous
facilitate mak less ifficult ;help bring about
fallacious false;misleading
fatuous foolish;inane
fawning courting favor by cringing and flattering
felicitious apt;suitably expresses;well chosen
fervor glowing ardor;intensity of feeling
flag droop;grow feeble
fledgling inexperienced
flout reject;mock
foment stir up;instigate
forestall prevent by taking action in advance
frugality economy;thrifty
futile useless;hopeless;ineffectual
gainsay deny
garrulous loquacious;talkative;wordy
goad urge on
gouge overcharge
grandiloquent pompous;bombastic;using high sounding language
gregarious sociable
guileless without deceit
gullible easily decived
harangue long,pompous,passionate & vehement speech
homogenous of the same kind
hyperbole exaggeration;overstatement
iconoclastic attacking cherished traditions or sacred beliefs
idolatry worship of idols,excessive admiration
immutable unchangeable
impair injure;hurt
impassive without feeling;imperturbable;stoic
impede hinder;block
impermeable impervious;not permitting passage through the substance
imperturbable calm;placid
impervious impenetrable
implacable incapable of being pacified
implicit understood but not stated
implode burst inward
inadvertently unintentionally
inchoate recently begun;rudimentary;elimentary
incongruity lack of harmony;absurdity
inconsequential insignificant;unimportant
incorporate introduce something into a larger whole;combine;unite
indeterminate uncertain;not clearly fixed;indefinite
indigence poverty
indolent lazy
inert inactive;lacking power to move
ingenuous naive & trusting;young;unsophisticated
inherent firmly estd. by nature or habit
innocuous harmless
insensible unconcious;unresponsive
insinuate hint;imply;creep in
insipid lacking in flavor;dull
insularity narrow-mindedness;isolation
intractable unruly;stubborn;unyielding
intransigence refuse of any compromise;stubborness
inundate overwhelm;flood;submerge
inured accustomed;hardened
invective abuse
irascible irritable;easily angered
irresolute uncertain how to act;weak
itinerary plan of a trip
laconic brief & to the point
lassitude languor;weariness;fatigue
latent dormant;potential but undeveloped
laud praise
lethargic drowsy;dull
levee earthen or stone embankment to prevent flooding
levity lack of seriousness or steadiness;frivolity
log record of voyage or flight;record of day to day activities
loquacious talkative
lucid easily understood;clear;intelligible
luminous shining;issuing light
magnanimity liberal & generosity
malingerer one who feigns(pretends) illness to escape duty
malleable capable of being shaped by pounding
maverick rebel;nonconfirmist
mendacious lying;habitually dishonest
meticulous excessively careful;painstaking;scrupulous
metamorphosis change of form
misanthrope 1 who hates mankind
mitigate appease;moderate
mollify soothe
morose ill-humored;sullen;melancholy
mundane ordinary;wordly as opposed to spiritual;everyday
negate cancel out;nullify;deny
neophyte recent convert;beginner
obdurate stubborn
obsequious slaishly attentive;servile;sycophantic;compliant
obviate make unnecessary;get rid of
occlude shut;close
officious meddlesome;excessively pushy in offering one's services
onerous burdensome
opprobium infamy;spoil repuatation;vilification
oscillate vibrate pendulumlike;waver
ostentacious showy;pretentious;trying to attract attention
paragon model of perfection
partisan one-sided;prejudiced;committed to a party
pathological pertaining to disease
paucity scarcity
pedantic showing off learning;bookish
penchant strong inclination;liking
penury severe poverty;stinginess
perennial long-lasting
perfidious treacherous;disloyal
perfunctory superficial;not thorough;lacking intrest or enthusiasm
permeable penetrable;porous
pervasive spread throughout
phlegmatic calm;not easily disturbed
piety devoutness;reverence for God
placate pacify;concilliate
plasticity ability to be molded
platitude trite remark;commonplace statement
plethora excess;overabundance
plummet fall sharply
porous full of pores;like a sieve
pragmatic practical
preamble introductory statement
precarious uncertain;risky
precipitate rash;hasten;premature
precursor forerunner
presumptuous arrogant;taking liberties
prevaricate lie
pristine charcteristic of earlier times;primitive
probity uprightness;incorruptibilty
problematic doubtful;unsettled;questionable
profound deep;not superficial;complete
prohibitive tending to prevent the purchase or use of something
proliferate grow rapidly;spread;multiply
propensity natural inclination
propitiate appease
propriety fitness;correct conduct
proscribe ostracize;banish;outlaw
pungent stinging;sharp in taste or smell;caustic
qualified limited;restricted
quibble minor objection or complaint
quiescent at rest;dormant;temporarily inactive
rarefied made less dense(of gas)
recalcitrant obstinately stubborn;unruly;determined to resist authority
recant disclaim or disavow;retract a previous statement;openly confess error
recluse hermit;loner
recondite abstruse(difficult to understand);profound;secret
refractory stubborn;unmanageable
refute disprove
relegate banish to an inferior position;delegate
reproach express disapproval;disappointment
reprobate person hardened in sin;deviod of sense of decency
repudiate disown;diavow(reject the validity or authority)
rescind cancel
resolution determination
resolve determination;firmnes of purpose
reticent reserved;uncommunicative;inclined to silence
reverent respectful;worshipful
sage person celebrated for wisdom
salubrious healthful
sanction approve;ratify
satiate satisfy fully
saturate soak throughly
savor enjoy;have a distinct flaor;smell or quality
secrete hide away or cache;produce and release a substance into an organism
shard fragment generally of pottery
skeptic doubter;person who suspends judgement until having examined the evidence supporting a point of view
solicitous worried;concerned
soporific sleep-causing;marked by sleepiness
specious seemingly resonable but incorrect;misleading(often intentionally)
spectrum colored band when a beam of light passes through prism
stigma token of disgrace;brand
stint be thrifty;set limits
stipulate specify;express conditions
stolid dull;impasive
striated marked with parallel bands;grooved
strut pompous walk//supporting bar
subpoena rit summonig a witness to appear
subside settle down;descend;grow quiet
substantiate estabilish by evidence;verify;support
supersede replace;cause to be set aside;make obsolete
supposition hypothesis;surmise
tacit understood;not put into words
tangential preipheral;only slightly connected
tenuous thin;rare;slim
tirade extended scolding;denunciation;harangue
torpor lethargy
tortuous winding;full of curves
tractable docile;easily managed
transgression violation of law;sin
truculence aggresiveness;ferocity
vacillate waver;fluctuate
venerate revere
veracious truthful
verbose wordy
viable practical;workable;capable of maintaining life
viscous sticky;gluey
vituperative scolding;abusive
volatile changeable;explosive;evporating rapidly
warranted justified;authorized
wary very cautious
welter turmoil;bewildering jumble
whimsical capricious;fanciful
zealot fanatic;person who shows excessive zeal
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