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precept practical rule guiding conduct
precipice cliff;dangerous position
precipitate rash;hasty;premature;sudden;hasten
preclude make impossible;eliminate
precocious advanced in development
predecessor former ocupant of the post
predicament tricky or dangerous position;dilemma
prediliction preference;partiality
preeminent outstanding;superior
preempt head off;forestall by acting first;appropiate for oneself;supplant
preen make oneself tidy in appearance;feel self satisfaction
prefactory introductory
prelate church dignitary
prelude introduction;forerunner;precursor
premeditate plan in advance
premise assumption;postulate
premonition//premonitory forewarning//serving to warn
preponderance superiorty of power,quantity etc.
preposterous absurd;ridiculous
prerogative privilage;unquestionable right
presage//prescience foretell//ability to foretell the future
presumptuous arrogant;taking liberties
pretentious ostentatious;pompous;making unjustified claims;overambitious
preternatural beyond that which is normal in nature
prevaricate lie
prim very precise and formal;exceedingly proper
primogeniture seniority by birth
primordial existing at beginning;rudimentary
primp groom oneself with care;adorn oneself
pristine primitive;charasterictic of earlier times
privation hardship;want(need)
privy secret;hidden;not public
probity uprightness;incorruptibility
proclivity inclination;natural tendency
procrastinate postpone;delay or put off
prod poke;stir up;urge
prodigal wasteful;reckless with money
prodigious marvelous;enormous
prodigy highly gifted child;marvel
profane violate;irreligious
profligate dissipated;wasteful;wildly immoral
profusion overabundance;lavish expenditure
progenitor ancestor
progeny children
proletarian member of the working class;blue collar guy
prolixity verbosity;tedious wordiness
prologue intro to poem or play
promiscuous haphazard;irregularly particularly sexually
promontory headland
promulgate proclaim a doctrine or law;make known by official publication
propensity natural inclination
propinquity kinship;nearness
propitiate appease
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