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word list:32


natation swimming
natty neatly & smartly dressed
nebulous vague;hazy;cloudy
necromancy black magic
nefarious very wicked
negate cancel out
nemesis seeking revenge
neophyte recent convert;beginner
nepotism favoritism
nether lower
nettle vex;annoy
nexus connection
nib beak;pen point
nicety precision;minute distinction
niggardly meanly stingy;parsimonious
niggle spend too much time on minor things;carp
nihilist one who considers traditional beliefs to be groundless and existence meaningless
nip stop something's growth or development;snip off;bite;make numb with cold
nirvana buddist teachings
noisome foul-smelling;unwholesome
nonchalance indifference;lack of concern;composure
noncommital neutral;unpledged;undecided
nondescript ordinary;undistinctive
nonplus bring to halt by confusion;perplex
nostalgia homesickness;longing for the past
nostrum questionable mediine
notoriety disrepute;ill-fame
novelty mewness
nuance shade of difference in meaning or color
nubile marraigeable
nugatory futile;worthless
nuptial related to marriage
oaf stupid;awkward position
obdurate stubborn
obeisance bow
obelisk tall column tapering and ending in a pyramid
obfuscate confuse;muddle
objective not influenced by emotions,fair;goal,aim
oblivion forgetfullness
oblivious inattentive;unmindful
obloquy slander;disgrace;infamy
obsequious slavishly attentive;servile;sycophantic
obsequy funeral ceremony
obsidian black volcanic rock
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