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recruitment and selection processes shrm

the process through which job applicants are systmeatically evaluated in order to make hiring decisions selection and placement
goals of the selection and placement process are to establish... 1) good person-job fit 2) good person-organization fit
the general selection process 1) measurement 2) decision making 3) evaluation
ensuring that selection tests are reliable and valid measurement
combining information about a person to make a hiring decision decision making
making sure the hiring decisions increase efficiency and profitability of the organization evaluation
extent to wich a selection test provides consistent results reliability
accuracy of information provided by selection tools; the extent to which a test measures what it claims to measure validity
cost benefit of using the measure utility
useful in other contexts generalizability
big five personality factors 1) conscientiousness 2) emotional stability 3) extraversion 4) agreeableness 5) openness
same measured administered twice test-retest reliability
comparing ratings from two or more raters inter-rater reliability
two different measrue of the same thing parallel forms of reliability
to what extent does the content of a selection metod assess the requirements of the job content validity
test scores and criterion data are collected at the same time concurrent validity
test scores are collected first and at a later time the criterion data are collected predictive validity
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