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Geo Ch. 12*


What is the second largest country in the world? Canada
What country are the Rocky Mountains located in? Canada and US
What river links the Great Lakes to the ocean? St. Lawrence River
What river are the Niagara Falls located on in Ontario? Niagara River
How much of the country does the Canadian Shield cover about half
Which ocean does Canada stretch into? Arctic ocean
Is Canada at higher or lower latitudes than the US? higher
true/false- it is warm most of the time in Canada. false
Where is the coldest part of Canada located? near the arctic circle
Is it humid and mild in central and eastern parts of southern Canada? yes
Which province has rainy winters and mild temperatures? British Columbia
What minerals does Canada have many of? fish, minerals and forests
What coast do the Grand Banks lie off of? Atlantic Coast
What do the fish eat? plankton
Where do large schools of fish gather? Grand Banks
What minerals is Canada a main source of? world's nickel, zinc, and uranium
What are other important resources in Canada? lead, copper, gold, and silver
Who were the first Canadians? Indians and Inuit
What are the first Canadians also called? First Nations
What did the Cree People hunt? bison
Where did the Cree live? plains
What kinds of animals did the Inuit hunt? whales and walrus
About how many first nations still live in Canada? 400,000
Who were the first European Settlers in Canada vikings/ norse
When did more Europeans explore Canada? around AD 1400
What did the settlers and native Canadians trade? guns, furs, clothes, axes, food and methods of travel
What city did the French establish in 1608? Quebec City
Who spread Christianity in Canada? French missionaries
what country did the french have to compete with for control of Canada? great britain
Who won the French and Indian war? Britain
What language did lower canada speak? upper canada? lower- french upper- english
When did the British Parliament establish the Dominion of Canada? 1867
did the dominion make canada more or less independent? more
What helped the Canadians to trade more and get more land? railroads
Where did immigrants come from? China, India, Japan, US, Russia, Great Britain, and Germany
What did the immigrants come to search for? gold
When did more immigrants come to canada after wwII
Where were the immigrants from that came after WWII? Europe, Africa, Caribbean, Latin America, and Asia
Where did Canadians move to when they left farms? big cities
Created by: wazoid23