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Week 3

Chapters 7-9

How should you answer multiple choice questions? Answer the questions in your head before looking at the choices.
A study checklist works in helping you reveiw material by... Acting as a quick reveiw sheet.
What is the best way to begin a test? Scan the whole test immediately. Create a to do list for each item to study.
Test scores are a messure of what? How well you do on a particular test.
How should you answer an essay question? Include part of the Question in your answer.
How can you reduce anxiety about math? Participate in class and ask questions.
How should you take a computer graded class? Check your answer number with the question number.
How should you answer true or false questions? Check the details. Look for qualifiers (i.e. most or all) Look for negatives ( i.e. not or cannot)
What does it mean to break a topic down into seperate parts and discuss? Analyze
What term means to show differences? Contrast
What techniques should you use before taking a test? Conducting daily, weekly and major reveiws Create reveiw tools such as flash cards Taking practice tests
Predicting test questions can help you get a better grade and... Keep you focused on the purpose of the course.
List one important test taking technique. Pay attention to verbal directions given as the test is distributed.
How should you predict test questions? Putting yorself in yhe instuctors shoes. Apply your predictions to self create questions. Look for possible test questions in your notes and readings.
What should you put on your exam check list? Exam dates. Reading assignments Ideas and deffinitions Various to do items (i.e. stratagies to be used)
How should you approach open book tests? Prepare thorughly and highlight key material.
How should you cram for a test? Make the best of a bad situation.
The idea of giving up an addiction means... Keeping current circumstances in perspective.
The master student cultivates creative thinking by... Looking at data from all sides.
Asking questions is an important process because... It allows one to fully examine issues.
What is critical thinking comprised of? Sorting out conflicting claims. Weighing theevidence for a claim. Letting go of personal biases about an idea. Arriving at reasonable conclusions.
Thinking skills have an application in... Reading Writing Speaking Listening
What can happen if you find a bigger problem to deal with? It can make the smaller problems easier to handle and settle.
What is the best way to avoid misinformation on the internet? Examine the sites sponser.
List indicators that an iternet source is reliable and verifiable. It cites credible examples. There are quotations from recognized authorities. There are documented stats. It containssummaries of scientific studies with journal citations.
Skilled students are thorough thinkers and... Distinguish between fact and opinion.
Conducting a brainstorming session works best when you do what? Avoid making judgements and evaluationsduring the session.
In becoming a critical thinker, it is essential to do what? Be aware of your "hot spots"
How can you generate useful questions? Pretend to be someone else and ask what you think they might. Just let your pen sart writing. Begin with general a question and then brainstorming begins. Ask yourself what else you want to know.
Give an example of group stereotyping. If you want to know how to pronounce the name of that Italian Automobie ,ask Jamie because he is takig Italian.
Are attitudes often outspoken? Yes
What are positive statments about what we want? Affirmations
What does the term serendipity refer to? The ability to see something valuable that you were not looking for origionally.
List one question that willnot allow you to become a critical thinker. When will serendipidy finally make a valuable contribution?
What are the 4 P's to problem solving? define the prblem, generate possibilities, create plan and perform that plan
A decision is a Choice
In any discussion, there is always a sender and a/n... Receiver
An example of turning the statement "You were late" into an "I" message is... I don't like to waste the managers time by being late.
A barrier can occur while you are sending a message to someone when you... Use questions that are not really questions but are actually requests
An effective way to improve your ability to communicate is to... Be aware of when you're the sender or receiver.
Improvement of nonverbal listening skills occurs when you... Allow several seconds to pass before responding to someone.
If you choose to transform a person's complaint into requests,you can... Help the person translait his own complaints into an action plan.
Keeping cultural differences in mind when in the workplace can help you... Resolve conflict with co-workers on project teams if you acknowlege their differences
Netiquette includes what? Using good grammer. Do not use sarcasm. Avoid typing in all uppercase letters.
Our emotions consist of... Physical sensations. Thoughts. Actions.
In a first draft for a paper, you should do what? Get words on paper. Expand your outline. Don't worry about the overall quality of your writing.
What is conversational noise? Fear, a loud lawnmower outside, prejudice
On a social networking site you should post... Only things you don't mind being part of public record.
The highest level of language for powerful speaking includes terms like... Will, promise and commit
In conflict resolution building up cautiously to your main point doesn't work because... The listener might become impatient and unwilling to continue.
Organizing a presentation is similar to writing a paper in that... The introduction shouldhave a clear point and outline the main body
Employing your word means... Making and keeping agreements
The main body of a speech is usually 70-90 percent of the presentation
What is a good suggestion to use when revising your draft? Reading the paper outloud. Having someone else look over it. Taking your time and proofing your work thoroughly.
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