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Seido Karate

other japanese words

budo "the way to stop the spear", modern generic word for martial arts
bugei "art of combat" used to describe the classic military arts of feudal japan
bugeisha practioner of the classical martial arts of Japan
chi chinese word, also written as qi, or ki in japanese, meaning universal energy
hara center of the body
hidari/migi left/right
ibuki abdominal tension breathing
kagami biraki new year's training-literally means "open mirror"
kanji japanese language pictures
karate-do empty hand way
karateka person who studies karate-do
kata formal exercises, form
kiai yell of spirit
kihon basics
koan a problem or dialogue used as a means of concentration, path to enlightenment, during zazen
kohai a karateka who is junior to you
kumite free fighting
makiwara a striking post usually bolted into a wall or the ground, used for striking with hands and feet
nage person in the defensive role in a martial arts partnership
noren japanese split curtain
obi belt
ren ma constant polishing
ryu school or style of martial art
sei chu sen cover center line
seiza kneeling position
senpai a karateka who is senior to you
shinzen spirit center of the dojo
soji housecleaning or community cleaning of the dojo
tameshiwari boardbreaking
tanden japanese word (dan tien in chinese),a point located two finger-widths below the navel. Regarded as the spirtual and physical center of the body
uke person in the offensive role in a martial arts partnership, litertally, the one who receives the technique
ura spin turning
yakusoku pre-arranged or "promised"
yin/yang a taoist symbol representing the movement of two opposing and complementary energies
zanshin lingering energy
zazen seated meditation
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