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Seido Karate

flashcard terms

Osu / Osu Shinobu Literally, "striving with patience," also as a greeting and response to instructions
Mokuso Meditate
Yame Stop
Ni Rei Bow to
Kaicho Title, Grandmaster or Head of system
Nidaime Title for the inheritor of the system
Hanshi Title, 8th dan
Shuseki Shihan Title, 7th dan
Sei Shihan Title, senior 6th dan
Jun Shihan Title, newer 6th dan
Kyoshi Title, 5th dan
Sensei Title, 4th dan
Senpai Term referring to someone senior in rank, especially black belts
Kohai Term referring to someone junior in rank
Yoi Get ready
Ichi One
Ni Two
San Three
Chi Four
Go Five
Roku Six
Shichi Seven
Hachi Eight
Ku Nine
Ju Ten
Kiai Yell of Spirit
Ibuki Slow, forceful audible breathing with dynamic tension of the abdomen
Kamaete Move to stance
Naore Return to normal / ready stance, maintaining awareness
Mawate Turn
Hajime Begin
Kosa Quickly switch leads in stance
Migi Right
Hidari Left
Karate-do The Way / Path of the Empty Hand
Karate-ka A student of the Way / Path of the Empty Hand
Dojo Karate school, literally a place to study a Way / Path
Seido Sincere Way
Juku A Special Place
Ryu A martial arts organization whose syllabus and traditions are passed downwards to successive generations of students
Honbu Headquarters
Gi Training uniform
Obi Belt
Budo Literally, "Martial Way," a term that includes all Japanese martial / combative arts
Shinzen Spiritual Center of the Dojo
Dan A term referring to levels of black belt ranking
Kyu A term referring to levels of color belt training
Zazen Seated Meditation
Kinhin Walking Meditation
Kata Literally "form," choreographed martial sequences that are part of the syllabus of a martial system
Taikyoku Take the Wide View
Pinan Peace and Harmony
Sanchin Three Points (mind, body, techniques)
Gek Sai Dai/Sho Break Down the Fortress (large/small)
Yansu Keep Pure
Tensho Rolling Hand
Tsuki-no Fortune and Good Luck
Saiha Big Wave
Kumite Sparring
Yakusoku Kumite "Promise" or choreographed sparring
Kihon Kumite Sparring Basics
Tameshiwari The Practice of Breaking Techniques
Ki (Chinese, Chi) An organic force or energy that can be felt but not seen
Yin / Yang The interconnection of opposing energies
Zanshin Lingering Energy
Hara For martial artists, the physical and emotional center of the self, in the belly
Ma-ai Distancing
Tai Sabaki Skillful body movement
Ashi Sabaki Footwork
Fumikomi-ashi Stepping Footwork (change leads)
Okuri-ashi Shifting/scooting Footwork (no lead change)
Sei Chu Sen Cover Center Line
Ren Ma Keep Polishing
Toh Kon Fighting Spirit
Kokoro Heart / Mind
Kizuna Relationships
Jodan High Target
Chudan Middle Target
Gedan Low Target
Seiken Forefist (first 2 knuckles)
Tsuki Punch
Morote Tsuki Double Punch
Seiken Ago Tsuki Punch to Chin with Hands Up
Awase Tsuki Combined High / Middle Punch
Oi Tsuki Lead Punch
Gyaku Tsuki Rear Punch
Shita Tsuki Short Punch
Tsuki Age Rising Punch
Kagi Tsuki Hook Punch
Jun Tsuki Side Punch
Tate Tsuki/Tate Ken Vertical Punch
Shuto Knifehand
Shuto Gammen Uchi Roundhouse Knifehand Strike
Shuto Sakotsu Uchi Downward Knifehand Strike
Shuto Uchi Uchi Inner Knifehand Strike
Shuto Sakotsu Uchi Komi Driving Knifehand Strike to Collarbone
Shuto Hizo Uchi Knifehand Strike to the Spleen
Nukite Spearhand
Shotei Palm Heel
Haito Ridgehand (inner edge of hand)
Tettsui Hammerfist
Toho Sword Peak Hand
Haishu Back of Hand
Hirate Whole Inside of Hand
Kumade Bear Claw Hand
Keiko Chicken Beak Hand
Atama Head
Kakiwake Uke Double Downward Circular Block
Jodan Uke Upward Block
Chudan Uchi Uke Middle Inside Block
Chudan Soto Uke Middle Outside Block
Gedan Barai Downward Block
Chudan Uchi Uke/Gedan Barai Combined Middle Inside & Downward Block
Kote Uke Forearm Block
Kake Uke Hook Block
Soete Chudan Uchi Uke Reinfored Middle Inside Block
Shuto Mawashi Uke Roundhouse Knifehand Block
Shuto Enke Uke Circular Knifehand Block
Hiji Yoko Uke Side Elbow Block
Hirate Ashi Barai Sweep with Inside of Hand
Juji Uke Crossed Arm Block
Koken Uke Wrist Block
Tensho Uke Rolling Hand Block
Teisoku Uke Block / Jam Kick with Bottom of Foot
Keage Kicks that Rise Straight Up
Geri Kicks that Thrust or Snap
Chusoku Ball of Foot
Haisoku Top of Foot / Instep
Sokuto Knife Edge of Foot
Kakato Heel
Mae Keage Front Rising Kick
Mae Geri Front Snap Kick
Hiza Geri Knee Kick
Kin Geri Groin Kick / Instep Kick
Kakato Geri Stomp Kick
Kakato Ushiro Keage Rising Back Heel Kick
Mawashi Geri Roundhouse Kick
Yoko Keage Side Rising Kick
Yoko Geri Side Thrust Kick
Kansetsu Geri Joint Kick / Low Side Kick to Knee
Uchi Mawashi Geri Inside to Outside Kick
Soto Mawashi Geri Outside to Inside Kick
Kakato Otoshi Geri Descending Heel Kick
Ushiro Geri Back Kick
Kake Geri Hook Kick
Ushiro Mawashi Geri Back Spin Kick / Spinning Hook Kick
Tobi Geri Jumping Kick
Kekomi Thrusting Action
Uraken Backfist (Back of 1st Two Knuckles)
Uraken Shomen Uchi Backfist to Front (face area)
Uraken Sayu Uchi Backfist to Side (face area)
Uraken Furi Uchi Backfist to Back (midsection)
Uraken Mawashi Uchi Roundhouse Backfist
Hiji Elbow
Hiji Age Ate Rising Elbow Strike
Hiji Yoko Ate Side Elbow Strike
Hiji Mawashi Ate Roundhouse Elbow Strike
Hiji Ushiro Ate Back Elbow Strike
Hiji Oroshi Ate Descending Elbow Strike
Hiji Ushiro Age Ate Back Rising Elbow Strike
Dachi Stance
Fudo Dachi Normal Stance
Heiko Dachi Parallel Stance / Ready Stance
Kiba Dachi Horse Stance
Shiko Dachi Sumo Stance
Sanchin Dachi Three Point Stance
Re Dachi Fighter's Stance
Zenkutsu Dachi Front Leaning Stance
Kokutsu Dachi Back Leaning Stance
Suriashi Dachi Gliding Stance
Heisoku Dachi Closed Toe Stance
Musubi Dachi Open Toe Stance
Nekoashi Dachi Cat Stance
Tsuruashi Dachi Crane Stance
Kake Dachi Hooked Stance
Garyu Dachi Crouching Dragon Stance
Kuzure Heiko Dachi Staggered Parallel Stance
Chusoku Heiko Dachi Parallel Stance on Balls of Feet
Kata Hiza Dachi One Knee Stance
Uchi Hachiji Dachi Toes in Parallel Stance
Sagi Ashi Dachi One Legged Stance with Instep Pressed to Back of Knee
Shinsei One palm up, the other down
Gyaku Shinsei Both palms up or down
Ura Gyaku Shinsei Both palms down
Omote Gyaku Shinsei Both palms up
Fudo no kamae Front end of Bo down/ 45° down to right
Gyaku Fudo no kamae Front end of Bo up/ 45° down to right
Tachi no kamae Bo held vertically/45° to right
Koken no kamae Bo held on wrist & inner forearm/Front end 45° down to right
Shuryo dosa Circular block with bo
Chion Sound Knowledge
Fujin Big Wind / Gale
Sai Kata Ganki-Dai Good Spirit / Enthusiasm
Ooyo Jo Application
Suihei No Kamae Hold Jo Horizontally in front of body
Happo Dosa Eight Directions
Namegaishi Tate Uchi Returning Wave Vertical Strike
Sayu Suihei Tsuki Side Strike with tip of jo
Okuri Tsuki Pool cue style strike with tip of jo
Namegaishi Yoko Uchi Returning Wave Side Strike
Koryogojushiho Traditional 54 Steps
Kanku Rising Sun (literally Good observance of the Universe)
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