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world geography multiple choice q's for the british isles and the nordic nations

One sixth of Ireland is covered by: a. forests b. peat c. glens d. bogs b. peat
Which of the following characteristics of England fueled the industrial revolution? A. Natural gas deposits in the North Sea b. oil reserves in the north C. coal resources in the midlands d. rich farmland in the lowlands C. coal resources in the midlands
Which of the following is not a major economic activity of the Nordic nations? a. coal mining b. oil and natural gas production c. fishing d. farming a. coal mining
The Nordic nations share all of the following except a. Viking heritage b. mixed economies and democratic systems c. similar terrain d. the same religion c. similar terrain
Which of the following is and important source of energy for Ireland? A. forests b. oil and natural gas. C. geothermal energy d. coal c. geothermal energy
Which of the following was a major result of the industrial revolution? a. exports of agricultural goods declined b. exports of manufactured goods to British colonies increased c. beef and dairy industries moved to Scotland / Wales b. exports of manufactured goods to the British colonies increased
Because of the moderating effects of the warm currents of the north Atlantic drift, most of the Nordic region has a: a polar climate b. cold, dry climate c. continental climate d. marine west coast climate d. marine west coast climate
London’s relative location improved in the 1500s when: a. industrial revolution arrived on the island b. improvements in ships/navigation increased trade in the Mediterranean c. the center of trade shifted from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean b. improvement in ships and navigation devices
Scotland’s lakes and rugged highlands were created by: a weather and erosion b. volcanic activity c. tectonic shifts d. the movement of glaciers d the movement of glaciers
Although politically united with England since 1707, Scotland has retained all of the following except it’s own: a. parliamentary system b. religion c. system if laws d. system of education b. religion
Created by: tineytx