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Emily Psych final

-3 criteria of judging a behavior to be of “psychological disorder.” Atypical- being different from most people Distressful- excessive fear negative emotion Dysfuntional- prevents functioning
-What types of people are more likely to commit suicide? old people, whites, singles, rich people , gay, women, we still are uncertain if children play a factor
-Symptoms of Dissociative Fugue suddenly leaving & forgetting idenity lives in that idenity for weeks/months suddenly snaps back
-5 characters in Winnie the Pooh bear: what disorders are they suffering from? Eeyore- Depression Winnie the Pooh -ADD & OCD Rabbit- OCD Tigger- ADHD Piglet- GAD ( anxiety )
-Symptoms associated with Bipolar Alternates between Depression & Mania Mania- week or more inflated self-esteem Constant talking, reckless, hyper activity
-Positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia Adds- Hullications, Delusions Negative or takes away- Losses in emotion loss of speech, energy, social activity, loss drive for hunger & thirst
-Characteristics of Carl Roger’s Person-Centered therapy Empathy active listening, paraphrase, invite clarification, reflect feelings
-What are “red flag words?” What does “musturbation” mean? Should, must, cannot, always, never, all, Musturbation- Making fun of or making it easy to remember must is a red flag word
-Systematic Desensitization: what and how Breakdown step by step to get them over there fear How- its not as scared as you were before can be unlearned your not born with phobia
-Token economy: what and how what- operant conditioning How- you get a token for doing something Ex: chuckie chesse you get tickets and get a bigger prize for so many tickets
-Aversive conditioning: what and how (classical or operant?) what- conditioning to make you not like something How-you take a pill to stop drinking Operant : when you learn to associate behavior with their consequence
- What is lobotomy type of psycho surgery causes damage to frontal lobe.
-What condition is Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) used? On whom? Used on Depression Whom those who are serverly depressed no effect
-Basic philosophy of Family Therapy no person is an island it's not only effecting the person but the family
- The video about a young mother with OCD seeking for treatment: what are the treatments she received? Cognative Thearpy talking about it & then drugs then behavior physical dealing with it
-The early treatment of psychological disorders: what is the consequence of injecting insulin? leads to Obesity & die may lead to coma
-Under what conditions is conformity/obedience enhanced or reduced? Conformity: having someone agree with is reduced & if you have your one opinion enhances anonymous reduces and names enhance Obedience: distances from victim closes reduces far away enhances authority is close enhances far away reduces how they dress
Enchances & reduces behavior
-Factors influence liking/loving (pay attention to examples) Similarity, Familiarity example girl who fell in love with the post man because he was the one giving her the love letters Proximity, physical attraction
-Stereotype, prejudice, discrimination: what are they referring to, and what are the differences among them.
Created by: hottpinktwins2