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Study Guideg

Alliteration The repetition of a constant sounds at the beginnings of words, as in feathered friend Chew,Chow,Chuck
Rhyme The repetition of sounds at the end of words Cartoon, moon
Rhythm The patterns of beats, or stress, in spoken or written language Regular rhythm has spacing repetition
Imagery Word pictures or description of sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and texture-to appeal your five senses. The juicy fruit dripped down my chin
Sensory language Words or pictures that create an image in your head Juicy fruit is good
Diction Important part of creating effective imagery The PLUMP JUICY fruit
Word choice Important part of creating effective imagery The PLUMP JUICY fruit
Visualize Picture images in their minds When I hear a story about a bear I think of Alaska
Symbolism The use of symbols my mind is like a four leaf clover
Simile Use like or as to compare two different ideas or things I was as mad like a volcano
Metaphor Compare two different ideas or things without using like or as Nothing could be mad like me not even a volcano
Personification Language in witch a nonhuman subject is given human traits The machine went BURP!!
Hyperbole Exaggeration of speech for emphasis or effect It was 100 feet tall
Analogy Comparison that is used to increase understanding It was just like that time when you fell
Sound devices Make up the poem pleasing the ear The paper crinkled softly in the wind
Rhyme scheme A pattern of rhymes in a poem AABBA
Stanza A group of lines in a poem What the cow What how What is that
End rhyme Repeated sounds at the end of the line What is wrong with you you are turning blue
Internal rhyme Repeated sounds within the line That cat is super fat
Consonance The repetition of a constant sounds at the end of words cat,blat,fat
Onomatopoeia The use of words that imitate sounds Bang,Pow,Kablow
Repetition The repeated use of a sound, word or phrase. The cannon went bang, bang, bang
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