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Number the Stars Fin

What were Annemarie, Kirsti, and Ellen doing on the way home from school? racing
Who stopped the girls on the way home from school? soldiers
How had the war affected people? The people of Copenhagen could not get certain foods such as butter, coffee, and sugar.
Who were Christian X's bodyguards? all of Denmark
What country did the Germans not invade? Sweden
What errand did Mama send Annemarie and Kirsti on? to buy a button
How did Mama react to the news that Hirsch's button shop was closed? worried
Why did the Nazis make the Hirsch's close their shop? The Hirsch's were Jewish.
What made it hard to believe the two girls were sisters? One was blond and the other was dark headed.
What did Ellen wear around her neck? Star of David
When the Nazi soldiers came to the house Ellen removed her __________. necklace
The soldiers that came to Annemarie's house were ________ than the ones on the street corners. older and more angry
Where did Mama and the girls go? Uncle Henrik's house
Papa was using a secret code when he said there were a lot of cigarettes. What did this mean? The code meant that there were a lot of Jewish people.
How did the group travel to Uncle Henrik's house? by train
What was Mama's warning for the girls? do not speak to anyone
What did the family eat for supper? fish
The difference between earlier times and the present at Uncle Henrik's was __________________ whispering
What did the girls find for a pet? kitten
What happened to the butter? The soldiers took it for themselves.
Annemarie thought _________________ when she heard of Great-Aunt Birte's death. that Great-Aunt Birte didn't really exist
When Henrik came home from fishing, he _____________________ milked Blossom
What question did Uncle Henrik ask Annemarie? Are you brave?
Why did Mama and Uncle Henrik lie to Annemarie? to help her be brave or so she wouldn't be afraid
What did Peter give the baby? a sleeping potion
What did Annemarie find in the grass the package Peter gave to Mr. Rosen
After Annemarie left the woods what did she see on the path? soldiers and dogs
What was in the package at the bottom of the basket? a handkerchief
What happened to Peter? Peter was executed by the Germans.
Her best friend was Ellen Rosen. Annemarie
She was engaged to Peter. Lise Johansen
She remembered the fireworks at Tivoli. Kirsti
Named after the "God of Thunder" Thor
He owned a fishing boat. Henrik
He was a Jewish teacher. Mr. Rosen
She owned a button store. Mrs. Hirsch
He was a leader in the Resistance Peter Neilsen
She had dark braided hair. Ellen
She broke her ankle. Mrs. Johansen
staccato abrupt; disjointed
protruding to jut out from the surrounding area
scampering to run or go hastily or quickly
faltered to move unsreadily
taut tightly drawn; not slack
insolently exhibiting boldness or rudeness
confronting to bring face to face; to cause to meet
bleak lacking warmth or kindness
permeated to become diffused; penetrate
synagogue Jewish temple
Created by: Karen Heisner
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