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Basics of Li8ghting Design: Color theory, programming, quality, function

Primary Colors of Light Blue, Green, Red
Secondary Colors of Light Magenta, Cyan, Yellow
Combine all three primaries of light and you get... White Light
Black in lighting is absence of light
How a gel functions Blocks the colors of light that you do not want
Green looks terrible on... skin
When blending colors to look good on skin, you want to create purple
Kinds of light side, back, down, face, wash
Steps in Programming "Wash" Stage in a color, Accents, Texture, Facelight
"Wash" the Stage In Light Covering entire stage in a mood color. Not neccessarily using wash.
Accents Side, back, down, specials. Complimentary to contrast, Tertiary to add harmony
Texture Created using gobos
Facelight Just enough so that faces pop because will kill colors
Qualities of Light Distribution, Intensity, Movement, Color
Distribution What is lit up and what isn't
Small sections lit up are more... intimate
Intensity How bright
Intensity creates mood
Movement Changing direction, intensity to direct focus
Movement is created with... Follow spots, moving lights, gobo rotators, bumping the lights
Color Creates mood
Functions of Light Visibility, Composition, Revelation of Form, Mood
Visibility What the audience sees and does not see
Composition The overall picture or look created (includes set and costumes)
Revelation of Form revealing the shape; making objects appear 3D
Revelation of form created using... McCandless, back, side, and down light
Mood Feeling of design
McCandless System Stage divided into an odd number of zones. 2 instuments used for facelight at 45 degree angles.
Created by: rachael94