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Tony Award Plays

Tony Award Winning Plays: 1947-1959

Who created Tony Awards? The American Theatre Wing and Broadway League
1st Tony Awards Ceremony? 1947
Who is Tony? Antoinette Perry- One of the ATW founders
Who is eligible? Shows appearing on Broadway: theatres with under 700 seats in a certain location in NYC
Who votes? To nominate shows: critics on opening night To vote on winners: Awards Administration committee
1947 Winner: All My Sons A son dies in war and his dad works in a plant that may have manufactured the known faulty parts that may have caused his son's death
1948: Mister Roberts Lt. Junior Grant stands up for crew against tyranny
1949: Best Play: Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller Loser dad tries to get loser sons to succeed in life
1949: Best Musical: Kiss Me Kate Cole Porter. Musical version of Taming of the Shrew
1950: Best Play: Cocktail Party: t.S. Eliot Troubled married couple with a mysterious stranger
1951: Best Play: The Rose Tattoo Tennessee Williams Italian American widow withdrawn from world and tries to get her daughter to do the same but her daughter wants boys
1951: Best Musical: Guys and Dolls Frank Loesser. Gang member falls in love with a mission worker
1952: Best Play: The Fourposters Jan de Hartog. Focuses on trials and tribulations in the bedroom
1952: Best Musical: The King and I Rogers and Hammerstein
1953: Best Play: The Crucible Arthur Miller
1953: Best Musical: Wonderful Town Leonard Bernstein. Sisters travel the country in search of fame and for and fortune and go to NYC
1954: Play: The Teahouse of the August Moon John Patrick. Racial and gender injustices in Japan after WWII
1954: Musical: Kismet Robert Wright. Story of a desert sheik
1955: Play: Desperate Hours Hayes. 3 escaped cons
1955: Musical: The Pajama Gang Richard Adler and Jerry Ross. Labor troubles in a pajama factory and love
1956: Play: Diary of Anne FraNK Francis Goodrich and Albert Mackett
1956: Musical: Damn Yankees Richard Adler. Guy sells his soul to the devil to see his baseball team win
1956: Runner Up: Bus Stop William Inge. People stuck in a diner due to a freak snowstorm
1956: Runner Up: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Tennessee Williams. Family deals with death of patriarch, failing marriage, family secrets
1957: Play: Long Days Journey Into Night Eugene O'Neil. Family in 1912 deals with addiction and lack of family connections
1957: Musical: My Fair Lady Fredrick Loewe and Allan Jay Lerner. Based on Pygmalion
1957: Runner Up Musicals: Bells Are Ringing Jule Styre. Revolves around Elle who works at an answering station
1957: Runner Up Musicals: Candide Leonard Bernstein. Voltaire (in serving as a "classic hero") discovers the danger of mindless optimism
1957: Runner Up Musicals: The Most Happy Fella Frank Loesser. Romance betwwen an old man and a young woman through love letters
1958: Play: Sunrise at Campobello Dave Schary. Story of FDR's struggles with polio
1958: Musical: The Music Man Meredith Wilson
1958 Runners-Up: Look Back in Anger John Osbourne. Love triangle including a young man, his wife and haughty friend
1958 Runners-Up: West Side Story Leonard Bernstein and Sondheim
1959: play: J.B. Archibald MacLeish. Play within a play set in 1950s. Two vendors assume roles of God and Satan to determine fate of a banker named JB
1959: Musical: Redhead Albert Hague. Murder mystery set in a wax museum during time of Jack the Ripper
1959: Runners-Up: A Touch of the Poet Eugene O'Neil. Braggart soldier and social climber fall victim to class system of 1828 Massachusetts
1959: Runners-Up:Flowerdrum Song Richard Rogers
Created by: rachael94