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RES Final Review Sh

Final Review Sheet

In chronic hypercapnia, what can happen if a patient is placed on high FIO2?
Oxygen-induced hypoventilation – know about it!
Air compressor systems must be capable of maintaining 50 psig at a flow of ____ LPM. 100 L/min
To increase aerosol output from an ultrasonic nebulizer, you would increase __________. amplitude, the greater the signal amplitude, the greater is the nebulizer output
After a treatment the SVN should be rinsed with sterile water and air dried. True
American Academy of Pediatrics says to keep newborn PaO2 below ______ mmHg. 80 mmHg
If infant PaO2 is greater than 80 mmHg for a prolonged period, what can happen? can cause Retinopathy of prematurity
Inhaled aerosol particles that are less than 1 [lc µ]m wind up where? Lungs or Parenchyma
What are the low-flow oxygen delivery systems – list them. nasal O2 cannula, nasal O2 catheter, transtracheal catheter.
How do you determine the remaining contents of a liquid-filled CO2 cylinder? weighing the cylinder
Particle distribution produced by a typical MDI is ___ to ___ [lc µ]m MMAD? 3 to 6
One cubic foot of liquid oxygen equals approximately ________ cubic feet of gaseous oxygen. 860
Best way to administer oxygen therapy to a 2 year old is ______ _____. MDI, holding chamber, and mask
If a patient receiving nasal oxygen complains of nasal dryness and irritation, you should….
Sputum should be inspected for ____, ____, ____, and _____. Color, Volume, Odor ,Consistency
Calculate the total flow of an air entrainment device with a particular source gas flow.
How do you clean a cylinder valve outlet of foreign material. Quickly open, then close, the valve
Usual method of monitoring the remaining contents in a gas-filled cylinder. Read the pressure gauge.
Simplest way to increase the humidity output of a humidifier is ……….. by heating it
To produce the highest density aerosol from a USN, set the amplitude and flow how? amplitude- High , Flow-Low
Best MMAD for deposition of aerosol into the lower airways ___ to ___ micrometers. 2 to 5 micrometers
Air embolism a potential complication in what procedures? cardiovascular prodcedure, lung biopsy, hemodialysis, and central line placement
An HME is performing well when ________ appears in the attached flex tube. Mositure
When removing a flow meter from the wall outlet there is suddenly a massive gas leak. What should you do immediately? attach back to wall
Advantages of a small volume nebulizer versus a MDI. List them. Inexpensive ,Light,compact,resistant to moisture, Quick delivery of drugs ,Precise and consistent doses ,Available with most anti asthmatic drugs
MDI medications likely to cause opportunistic yeast infections. List them. Corticosteroids
Indications for hyperbaric oxygen administration – List them.
0.28 is the cylinder factor used to compute the duration of flow for 22 cu/ft O2 or air E cylinder. Also know the other cylinder factors.
Primary objective of cool aerosol therapy in the treatment of inflammation is to soothe inflamed tissues and reduce edema. Examples of such inflammation include what?
Eye condition occurring in some low-birth weight infants receiving supplemental oxygen is ____________ of ____________. Retinopathy of prematurity
Humidifier which "traps" the patient's body heat and expired water vapor is the ___. Heat-moisture exchanger
Key property of helium which makes it useful as a therapeutic gas is its low _______. low density
Advantages of pulse demand delivery devices. List them.
If you use a Bourdon gauge against high outflow resistance, what will the flowmeter show?
Retinopathy of prematurity may result in _______________.
Continuous nebulization of the bronchodilators – when might you consider?
Which device would most likely cause over hydration when used on a continuous basis?
Principle used by the ultrasonic nebulizer to produce aerosol droplets is what?
If patient's inspiratory flow collapses the reservoir bag on a non-rebreather mask, you should do what?
A (+) sign next to the test date on a cylinder means what?
Active HME can deliver ___% relative humidity at BTPS?
To determine whether a pressure-reducing valve uses multiple stages for pressure reduction, check the number of ______ _______ ______.
Key difference between disposable partial rebreathing and nonrebreathing O2 masks.
3AA stamped into an oxygen cylinder’s shoulder means what?
Gas used to treat pulmonary hypertension is ________ oxide. NO
Amount of water vapor that the respiratory tract must add to incoming gas to achieve BTPS is termed __________ deficit.
Structural requirements for the central piping systems that are used in hospitals are set by ____.
Humidity output of a simple unheated humidifier is always( less than or greater than) saturated air at ambient temperature. Choos
What happens when a Bourdon gauge encounters back-pressure resistance?
What percentage of an aerosol drug delivery device's output deposits in the lungs? 10%-20%
Which SVN design features affect performance?
If a patient is being mechanically ventilated using a heat-moisture exchanger (HME). The patient starts to develop thick secretions, you should…….
Servocontrolled heated humidifiers monitor heater ____________.
At an FIO2 of 1, what is the approximate half-life of blood carboxyhemoglobin?
SPAG is used for ___ infection. an anitviral agent ribavirin(Virazole) to be administered by aerosol to an infant with bronchiolitis
When monitoring a patient receiving O2 therapy, you should assess what?
Compressed gas cylinders are manufactured from which metal?
When using a chamber-style adapter for MDI to deliver a bronchodilator to a patient receiving mechanical ventilation, coordinate firing with (beginning or end) ___________ of inspiration. Coordinate firing the MDI with the beginning of the ventilator inspiration
Oxygen administration is monitored carefully with COPD patients, because they many have ________ drive. Too much oxygen for a COPD patient can cause a depression in ventilation by "knocking out" their hypoxic drive
Is Thorpe tube or Bourdon gauge best for Oxygen administration during patient transport? Bourdon gauge
If you double the length of an oxygen tube by adding connecting tubing, what happens to resistance to flow? the resistance to flow increase
Problems common to mist tents – especially study heat retention and CO2 buildup if there is insufficient flow! providing high gas flow
For MDI bronchodilators, what time period should elapse between each puff of a two puff treatment? Allow 30 to 60 seconds
Tachycardia is the primary indication of hypoxemia, but also know the other signs. Tachypnea, Tachycardia, Cyanosis
Cooling and condensation - process of manufacturing medical air to remove the water content. usually is produced by filtering and compressing atmospheric air
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) purity standard for Oxygen – what percentage? 99%
Main safety concerns in the application of hyperbaric oxygenation – know these! sudden decompression, co2 accunulation
Duration of flow from an H cylinder of oxygen – be able to calculate when full, when half full, etc…….. at different flowrates.
Bubble humidifiers running at high flow can produce ___________.
In aerosol therapy, if the patient breathes and aerosol mist disappears, what action could the therapist take?
2015+ on the shoulder of a gas cylinder – what does that mean? can be filled to approximately 2200 psi
ASSS System for threaded high-pressure connections – know about this system.
Air for medical use must be free of _________, ___________, and ____________. Particle-free, Oil-free, Dry
Medical gases which will support combustion – list them. O2, N2O, compressed air
Aerosol particles in the 5- to 10-[lc µ]m range deposit where? Upper airways
Indications for the use of humidity therapy – what are the primary ones?
Air entrainment masks are based on the _____________ principle. venturi
Advantages of passover humidifiers – know them!
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