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What is Interactive Media? The Integration of digital media including combinations of electronic text, graphics, moving images, and sound
If you are not a gifted designer, what can you do? There are formulas you can learn to know where to put design elements on a page, what navigation to use, how to write accessibility copy, etc
What can you use to make a web page if you do not know HTML? You can use a WYSISYG to design web pages, such as Adobe Dreamweaver
How much time do you have to grab your audience's attention on your website? 15 seconds
Presentation Process Choose objectives/methods Analyze the Audience Select the medium Develop the content Design the Visuals
What is the 6x6 rule? 6 words per line, 6 lines per slide
4 areas to be aware of when presenting Introduction, Body, Conclusion, Questions/c Comments
In 1871 _____________ used photographic technology to determine whether a galloping horse has all 4 feet on the ground Edwin Murbridge
__________ was the name of the first motion picture The Horse in Motion
What are the skills needed to get a job in Video? Basic knowledge of video lingo How to operate a camera Understanding of post-production Ability to see the big picture
What are some extra skills that are good to have in video? High quality reel The right connections A speciality in Video
Video Industry Jobs Wedding/Event Videography Marketing/Advertising Film Movie/Film Production Company Marketing
What is Preproduction? Anything that is done before a video is shot. Creating script, storyboard. May also include hiring actors, creating schedule, and budget.
What is Production? The shooting of the video.
What is Postproduction? Anything done after shooting the video. Editing of the video/film.
What is White Balancing? The ability to change the levels of white on the camera to shoot in true white. White under one light is not the same as white under another light.
What is nonlinear editing? The ability to edit clips in non sequential order.
what is a composite image? Images layered on top of another to create one single image.
What is the treatment? This is the initial document that is created about a production. This document is often written to tell possible investors about a production that needs funded.
What is the script? Script is either a one or two column document which displays each individual shot (in order). The document has what type of shit it is, the words that are said.
What is a storyboard? A visual version of the script, which has elementary drawsings of the frame of each shot. The purpose of thise is to help the director, the camera operator, the talent and others know where elements are placed in the shot and also how things will move.
What are examples of a right-brained thinker? Always ask “Is there a better way to do something?” Challenge custom, routine, tradition Realize that there might be more than one answer See mistakes as pit stops on the way to success See problems as springboards for new ideas
What are barriers to creativity? Searching for the one “right” answer focusing on “being logical” Constantly being practical fearing looking foolish Becoming overly specialized.
What are some questions to spur the imagination? IS there a new way to do it? Can you borrow or adapt it? Can you give it a twist? Can you add a personal style? Is there a substitute? What if you do just the opposite?
What are some tips for enhancing organizational creativity? Include creativity as a core company value Embrace diversity Expect creativity Create a change of scenery periodically View problems as challenges
What are some tips for enhancing individual creativity? Give your mind fresh input everyday Observe the products and services of other companies, especially those in completely different markets Keep a journal handy to record your thoughts and ideas Listen to other people and customers
What are guidelines to brainstorming sessions? Keep the group small - “Two pizza rule” Make the group as diverse as possible Company rank is irrelevant Limit the session to 40-60 minutes Appoint a recorder
What are two ideas to improving the creative process? Brainstorming and mind-mapping
What is a patent? a grant from the patent office and trademark office to the inventor of a product, giving the exclusive right to make, or sell the invention for 20 years
What is a trademark? Any distinctive word, symbol, design, name, logo, slogan, or trade dress a company uses to identify the origin of a product to distinguish it from the other goods on the market.
What is a servicemark? The same as a trademark except that it identifies the source of a service rather than a product Copyright – An exclusive right that protects the creators of original works of authorship such as literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works
Increased effectiveness of the presentation translates to an increase in the value of the final production which equals Return in investment
In making a presentation, make sure the content/research is solid and spend about ____ the length of your final presentation in preparation and spend ____ the length of the final presentation in preparing your powerpoint 20X, 10X
What is Web to Print? Bridges the gap between digital content online and commercial print production Allows a print house, a client, and even graphic design to create, edit, and approve computer-based online templates during the prepress stage
How will media affect your career? In the door Problem solving Value adding Image or Branding Personal Style Communication
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