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Food Service mngmnt

foodservice management - final exam

the right granted to individuals or entities to market a co.'s concepts and successes franchising
the characteristic of an open system that refers to a continuous response and adaption of a system to its internal and external environment dynamic equilibrium
The characteristic of an open system that refers to the idea that same or similar outputs could be attained by using different inputs is equifinity
t/f: the systems approach focuses on the totality of an organization, rather than its processes or parts true
which type of system is based on an interaction with the environment open
The 5 M's of management money, minutes, manpower, machines, materials
the following are what: comments from customers employees performance and morale ways managers use to evaluate their food service on a regular basis
senior care where residents live in an apt sytle w/ help in daily living activities assisted living
procurement to production to hot holding to meal assembly to transportation to customer represents the flow of food in what type of hospital operation conventional
procurement to production to chilling/chilled storage to bulk heating to hot holding to meal assembly to meal reheating to service represents what type of service ready prepared foodservice operation using bulk reheating
method cooks the food and then chills it in bulk for later portioning and service cook-chill
foodservice that involves foods purchased in various stages of preparation with production, distribution, ans service being done on premises conventional
defining size, shape, style and decoration of a space design
step in design planning process that shows a layout of the planned space; mechanics, electrical, and plumbing details, and proposed finishing materials blueprint
t/f: Stainless steel that is 20 gauge is thinner than 10 gauge true
equal to 1 lumen of light on 1 sq foot of space foot-candle
the following are principles of what: minimize material movement remove waste at point of creation use gravity to move material material handling
t/f: positive air pressure means that there is more air removed than brought in to a space false
primary control for the food service op menu
these menu choices can be chosen for service in what type of operation: NuMenus and Assisted NuMenus food based menus and traditional schools
this improves overall operating efficiency good menu
consider these factors when planning_________: customer mix, profit objective, past prices specific menu item prices
primary and recency and eye gaze motion are key element in menu psychology
Deming 14 pts does not include extensively train
continuous monitoring to ensure standards are met is key to good ___________ program quality assurance
proactive process that is a component of the management and transformation process TQM
provides quality standards for child nutrition programs keys to excellence
consultation, education, guidance, evaluation are functions of the _________________process TJC accreditation
TQM tool that is used to identify trends or shifts over several observation pd. run chart
TQM tool not used exclusively for problem identification flow chart
involved comparing one's performance with those believed to be "best in class" benchmarking
contains a set of int. standards on quality mngmnt ISO 9000 standards
component entering a sys; product, human, operation input
the changing of an input to an output transformation
the product which is generated after the conversion of an input output
historical documentation of an organization memory
internal or external constraints or rules designed to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness and operation of a system control
response from those within and outside of system on its effectiveness, etc feedback
program based on minimizing errors, data driven in which acceptibility is defined by having less than 3.4 errors/1,000,000 six sigma
4 sections of demings cycle plan, do, check, act
set of interrelated parts working together to achieve a common goal system
compassion is not a top 10 skill of compassion
t/f: for the marketing channel, value-addes refers to the increase in value caused by processing or manufacturing and marketing or distribution, exclusinve of cost of materials, packaging, or overhead false
govt agency is responsible for supporting the domestic and international conservation of living marine resources us dept of commerce
ensures foods other than meat, poultry, and fish are pure, wholesome, safe to eat, and produced under sanity conditions Food, Drug, Cosmetic Act of 1938 is enforced by the FDA
federal standards identifying what a given food product contains standards of identity
government agency is responsible for regulating food irradiation, genetically engineered foods, and nutrition labeling food and drug administration
conducts microbial testing for e.coli in poultry plants fsis (food safety and inspection service)
not a choice the manager has for production of a menu item have employees produce part of the itme at home
type of purchasing where price quotations are given and orders made by phone or in person informal purchasing
are not situations when informal purchasing would be used when the stability of the market is good
legal consideration that defines the buyers authority to act for an organization is called law of agency
purchasing refers to foodservice managers from different operations doing cooperative buying group purchasing
type of purchasing refers to the purchasing activity being done by one person or dept centralized purchasing
During what stage of selecting a supplier does a purchasing agent explore all possible sources for the product survey
when the buyer pays the freight charges but the seller owns the product during the transit, it is known is FOB destination
refers to inventory shrinkage Pilferage
have different person responsible for purchasing and receiving in order to maintain security
digits 2-6 of the universal product code refers to the manufacturer's or processor's code
receiving uses a blank quantity column on invoices or purchase orders and then the amount received is entered. it is later checked with the amount ordered blind
inventory valuation method charges out the purchases prices of the oldest stock first LIFO
when products are sent from the receiveing dock to the production areas without going through storage it is known as what type of issue direct
Not true from the A items in the ABC method of inventory control they are the items that are placed closest to the storeroom door when setting up the inventory placement
efforts to gain inside info and receiving kick backs or gifts are considered ethical dilemmas
the process used to supply food to purchasing units after it has been received issuing
for food production and control, which of the following refers to assuring day-in, day-out consistency in each product quality control
for effective historical production record, they should include all but which of the following employee that prepared the item
recipe format that lists ingredients on the left and procedures on the right block recipe format
not an advantage of standardized recipes increases amt of time needed to test and implement recipes
during which phase of the recipe standardization would your make the recipe, confirm the recipe yield, and then record changes to the recipe recipe verification
t/f: key to success for recipe standardation is ensuring that recipes are followed carefully and consistently each time an item is produced true
evaluating flavor, labor time, employee skill and ability to obtain ingredients are ex. of which type of product evaluation informal
t/f: when adapting home-size recipes, you should proceed in incremental stages when expanding the recipe true
method and duration of holding food items in all stages from procurement through service and type and quality of raw ingredients are primary factors that will affect quality of any cooked food
recipe that has been adjusted to accommodate a higher or lower quantity yield quantity recipe
recipe that has been adjusted to fit the needs of a specific operation. It has been tested and proven to yield a certain quantity and quality of product standardized recipe
funx of mngmnt that creates a structure of task and authority relationship organizing
examples of the decisional roles of managers entrepreneur-disturbance handler - resource allocation
right of a manager to direct others and take actions because of their position in the organization authority
management skill that involves and understanding of and proficiency in a specific kind of activity technical
classification of manger that is responsible for only one area of organizational activity functional manager
facilitate control, sets and focuses on objectives, reduces the role of ambiguity and uncertainty benefits of planning
what planning is short term operational planning
t/f: guideline for providing quality of work life, is to have decisions made at the lowest possible level true
planning that is continuous systematic process that focuses on future outcomes strategic planning
specific taskes must be assigned clearly and sufficient authority must be granted are elements that must be present for effective delegation
In Kast & Rosenweig's Four Dimensions of Planning the dimensions of repetitiveness deals with the relationship of standing and single use plans
management effectiveness deals with doing the right thing
the broadest of the standing plans that are general guides to organized behavior are called policies
Hawthorne studies found that this influences worker performance participation in decision making process
function of management compares actual performance with desired performance to determine deviation controlling
unity of command, lines of communication, and span of control is depicted by organizational chart
which type of department groups activities according to the places in which the activities are carried out geographic
type of committee is created for a short pd of time to perform specific task ad hod
when the concentration of authority is at the top level of management the power distribution is said to be centralized
factors that influcen the departmental structure include all but hours of operation
operational chart structure meets the unique needs of a prarticipative org matrix model
not a characteristic of high performance teams vaguely defined roles and purposes
create and environment that fosters teamwork and provides flexibility are resposibilities of a leader/manager
t/f: the primary difference bw a disaster and an emergency is that in most cases a warning or some sort precedes and emegency false
disaster plan must not have regualrly scheduled hours for serving of food to emergency personnel so food service to the patients is not interrupted; especially for the first 24 hours
MOU memorandum of understanding
evacuation route, coded intercom message alert of the impending event, & method to determine if all employees on duty can be accounted for are elements of internal disaster plan
this type of disaster involves a loss of utilities, water, and technological services technological
not true about disaster relief plan most states require a 7-10 day supply of water
all food should be dated with permanent ink or color dots that designate the date of storage to avoid potential problems with stored foods
phf should be used within 24 hours
cell phone and non electric clocks, manual can openers and large trash bags and upt to date call list are supplies that should be stored incase of disaster
t/f: disaster plan should provide for enough food for 1-2 wks true
pictorial presentation of all jobs with the number of emp in the those jobs and future emp requirements refer to staffing tables
describes the qualifications required of the person responsible for performing those tasks; identifies the abilities, skills, or traits necessary for successful performances job specification
administration intensity is the degree to which managerial positions are concentrated in staff positions. Many staff positions relative to line position is know as high intensity
type of authority exist because of the position in the organization formal
t/f: the higher the skill variety and feedback from emp the higher the job satisfaction true
not one of the three elements of a performance standard determine who will establish the performance standard
not one of the criteria to be used in evaluating a performance standard standards must adhere to set national policies and goals that are set forth for food service operations
considerations to be taken into acct for human resource forecasting include economic conditions and turnover rate
quid pro quo and hostild work environment are ex of sexual harrassment at the work place
t/f: to obtain peak performance from employees set high standards and stick to them true
father or scientific management; used time and motion studies to dertermine work standard and provide accurate work instruction and determining salary Frederick W Taylor
developed the 12 principels of efficiency; believed in the virtues of thrift and economical use of resources Harrington Emerson
From Scotland, 1800's; started work reforms and forbade punishment of employees: used a human relations approach to mngmnt Robert Owen
American, 19210, develped better work methods through extensive study of time and motion. Know as Fathre of Motion Study Frank & Lillian Gilbreth
Developed profess charts which compare what is done with what was done H L Gantt
American industrialist, 1886, who felt each ind should be give a guaranteed wage Henry R Towne
Father of Modern Mngmnt Theory: provide the basis for teaching of administration Henry Fayol
Prohibits discrimination against person w physical or mental disabilities or the chronically ill Americans w Disabilities Act 1990
Est Affirmative Action to eliminate present effect of past discrimination Rehabilitation Acto of 1973
Forbids discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, or national origin; est EEOC Title VII of Civil Rights Act 1964
Places severe limitations on person who remain in US longer than permitted by their visa and/or who violate their non-immigrant status Illegal Immigration Reform and immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996
Provides remidies for intentional discrimination and harassment, expands protection for victims of discrimination, est Glass ceiling Commission, broadens coverage to include government employeess Civil Rights Act 1991
Deals with sexual and ethnic harassment; states the employer is responsible for the actions of its employees Civil Rights Acts of 1980
Increased the levels of immigrations, esp for highly skilled professionals and executives Immigration Act 1990
Equal pay for equal work regardless of gender Equal pay Act of 1963
not a permissible q that can be asked during and interview are you at least 18 and under 70
what % of those entering the workforce will be minorities and women 75%
% of women will be in workforce 2/3
when you ask specific q, prepared in advance, and you ask all applicants the same ones is known as structured interview
when a manager allows a single predominant trait to dominate their judgment during an interview halo effect
if an interviewee was asked t "explain the types of duties that your performed at your last job" what type of q is is open-ended
t/f: interviews should be planned in advance only if they are structured interviews false
when formulationg the decision as to which applicant is to be selected, the type of approact where the decision-maker reviews all data and makea a decision, bae on understanding the job and personal experience in hiring personnel judgmental
and objective of employee orientation is to help create realistic job expectations
which type of on-the-job training combines training with classroom instruction internship
extensive knowledge of job requirements, the respect of trainees, and a sense of humor are characteristics of a good trainer
train/orient new employee, instruct in new techniques or methods and imporve efficiency of overall operations are purposes for in-service training
not an employee benefit of in-service lower operation costs
a file iskept on every employee and each time that employee does something pos or neg it is written up and put into file. called critical incident techniques
improve the effectiveness of the employee, proved a basis for future job assignments, and provides and a structure for communication between employees and management is the purpose of performance evaluation
when a manager tends to give all employees similar ratings on a performance evaluation central tendency error
untrue statement about appraisal interviews open the interview with negative results and end with positive results
not a way to improve evaluation problems assign one person to do all departmental evaluations
when an employee moves to a new position in the same organization and at the same or equivalent level of status, pay, and performance requirements is known as transfer
untrue about employee disclipe line the manager should not get feedback from the employee when giving the disciplinary action. They should wait until a later time
a set of rules with performance standards & clear and concise consequences for breaking the rules are essential for effective discipline
ensure employees have due process in disciplinary situations is the main purpose of grievance procedures
t/f: legal implications of discipline are that you cant discriminate whe you do it and that it needs to be based on standards true
help mangement identify problem areas and to correct them & identify the real reason for the employees leaving is the purpose of the exit interview
t/f: to reduce the number of grievances an employer must have accurate job descriptions and specifications true
referrals for advice or treatment & dignosis and counseling are service provided by Employee Assistance Programs
the combination of external and internal factors that can influence rates at which employees are pd is known as wage mix
which of the following legislation is also called the Wagner Act and allows employees the right to orgnaize and join unions national labor Relations Acto of 1935
Taft-harly Act and limited power of union managementq Labor Management Relations act of 1947
problems with mangement, improved benefits and working conditions, a desire to be heard are reasosn emp join unions
t/f: a union shop is illegal false
t/f: a mediator is one who can render a decision that is binding on both the union and management false
not a major bargaining issue input input into new construction
a program of continuing effort to increase the effectiveness of work systems work design
ex of an internal factor that affects compensations employees relative worth
flexible benefits packages allows the employee to select from among a list of benefits or different levels of benefits modular plans
defines as rewards that provide security to employees and their family members benefits
not a factor that needs to be known when determining or planning the work load or when starting on scheduling all employee wages
this shedule is ideal schedule or the pattern/plan for scheduling if not one is out sick, on vacation, or on holiday master
alternate work schedule that the org defines a range of hours w/i which emp may select their starting and ending time and/or days worked flex-time
which type of relief employees are scheduled to work during peak hours only split shift
not a part of the managers role in compensation and benefits administrations negotiate for employee wages with the union representative
t/f: productivity is defines as the efficient use of human, equipment, and financial resources true
not a planning/decision making technique FMP
advantage of informal channels of communication it is fast and the manager can get info from secret places
accounting term refers to transactions being recognized when revenues and expenses are accrual basis of accounting
accounting term refers to using historical and estimated financial data to assist in daily operations and in planning future operations managerial accounting
statement of revenue, expenses, and profit or loss for a pd of time is called income statement
not true about depreciation it is based on the longest permissible useful life of the asset
not done when anylyzing financial statements using a standardized industry wide analysis sheet
ratios and trend analysis and common size statements are tools of comparison and analysis of financial statements
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