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MSC Names

MSC 111 - Names

Egyptian - God of the Underworld, Judge of Death Osiris
Egyptian - God of Death Anubis
Egyptian - Supervisor of Embalming and Funeral Arrangements Kher-heb
Roman - Head Undertaker Libitinarius
Roman - Predecessor of modern day funeral director Libitinarius
Roman - Goddess of Corpses and Funerals Libitina
Roman - Masters of Ceremonies and Director of Funeral Processions Designator
Roman - Employees of the Libitinarius Pollinctores
First to Mention the Use of Low Temperatures to Slow Decomposition D'Argellata
First Serious Anatomist of the Middle Ages Mondino de Luzzi
System of Venous Injections Leonardo Da Vinci
Father of Histology (Capillaries) Marcello Malphigi
Father of Circulatory System William Harvey
Father of Embalming Frederick Ruysch
First to adopt Arterial Injection for Preservation Dr William Hunter
Discovered the Hunter Canal John Hunter
First to establish and reform public health in Europe Edwin Chadwick
The Edwin Chadwick of the United States Lemuel Shattuck
First to open coffin shop in NYC John L Dillon
Father of Embalming in the US Dr Thomas Holmes
Discovered Formaldehyde August Hoffman
Author of the History of Embalming Jean Gannal
Father of Bacteriology Anthony Von Leeuwenhoek
Patented use of Arsenic-Alcohol Mixture for Embalming J Anthony Gaussardia
Chadwick Report Published 1842
Received patent for first metallic casket James Gray
Patent Issued for Fisk Metallic Casket 1848
Introduced Cloth Covered Casket models Samuel Stein
Kimball Cooler one compartment for the body another for the ice
Patented the Body Bag which looked like a giant sack Dr Thomas Holmes
Had the History of Embalming translated into English Dr Richard Harlan
Henry Cartell Embalmed Abraham Lincoln
Patented the Trocar Samuel Rogers
Amount of formaldehyde that is measured in grams and dissolved in 100 ml of water Formalin
Also called METHANAL and formed by oxidizing METHANOL Formaldehyde
Chemical Formula CH20 Formaldehyde
Charon the ferryman in greek mythology
Styx River river of the dead in greek mythology
Charon's Obal putting of the ferryman's fee in the dead person's mouth
Renoaurd, Harlan, Clarke and Johnson Dodge were what? Pioneers of Mortuary Schools
Caisson Horse drawn carriage
James Cunningham; Hudson Samson and Crane & Breed Innovators of the horse drawn hearse
Robert Frederick & CE Trump received patent for what? Corpse refrigerator
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