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SIE- Skin Care II #1

test review

What are the 5 types of skin? dry, oily, normal, combination, sensitive
Dry Skin lacks oil, small follicles with minimum sebum production
Dehydrated Skin lacks water; can happen to any skin type
What is the Fitzpatrick scale used for? determines the skin type's ability to tolerate/withstand sun exposure
Hyperkeratosis thickening of the skin caused by a mass of keratinized cells (excessive skin buildup)
Normal Skin normal size follicles, skin is usually blemish free with good water & oil balance
What are some characteristics of couperose skin? redness, broken capillaries, and inflammation
What are the components of skin analysis? look, feel, ask, and listen
What are some questions you should ask during a skin consultation? any allergies? why are you here? any skin concerns? what products do you use? have you had treatments before? is this the normal state of your skin? how does your skin feel at diff times of the day?
Solar Comedones large blackheads, usually around the eyes, due to sun exposure
What causes post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation? hormones, trauma, estractions, sun damage, or exfoliation
What is the Rubin scale used for? determines depth of visible changes
What is the Glogau scale used for? defines the level of photodamage based on wrinkiling of the skin
How far should a facial steamer be away from the client's face? 18"
When should the skin care program be discussed during a facial? post consultation (at the very end)
Psuedofolliculitis ingrown hair
What do caucasian and ethnic skins have in common? # of suderiferous glands
Manual Microdermabrasion uses loose crystals in creams or gels to exfoliate
How many strokes are performed when doing manual microdermabrasion? 10 (if no redness occurs, do 10 more)
Which enzyme cannot be mixed with an AHA acid? papain (papaya)
Alipidic skin is lacking oil
Occlusive products that reduce TEWL to help hold in moisture and protect the skin's top barrier layer
Actinic Keratosis rough area that appears from sun exposure; may have a layered scale or scab that sometimes falls off
Pustule infected papule with fluid inside
What do UVA rays cause? aging
What do UVB rays cause? sunburns
Erythema redness caused by inflammation
Papules raised lesions/blemishes
What are some internal factors that cause skin conditions? dehydration, genetics/ethnicity, oral medication/drugs, hormones/menopause, stress, lifestyle, negative attitude, improper nutrition, alcohol, caffeine, vitamin deficiency, lack of exercise, smoking, medical conditions, lack of sleep, free radicals
What are some external factors that cause skin conditions? environmental exposure/pollutants/air quality, humidity, allergies/reactions to environmental factors or products, misuse of products or treatments, sun damage, poor maintenance/home care
Created by: Lizziewiz