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Fever Test

Fever, 1793 Review

What is the significance of the first line of the novel - "I woke to the sound of a mosquito whining in my left ear and my mother screeching in the right."? Mosquitoes carry the disease
Who is the narrator of the story Mattie
Is this story told in the third person or first? First
The narrator says on page 2, "It was the war." Which war is she talking about? Revolutionary War
What kind of family does Mattie's mother come from? Wealthy family
Why does Mattie's mother's family not talk to them anymore? Mattie has married a carpenter
Polly is late. Where does Mattie think Polly is? The blacksmiths
In 1793, Philadelphia was the capital of the country. The novel does not say this directly, but it is hinted at on page 4. What does the narrator say that lets us know that it is the capital? State House, Congress
Mattie compares herself a couple times to Blanchard's what? Balloon
Mattie says, "War of Independence ended in 1783. I was four years old" (7). How old is Mattie in this chapter 14
What has happened to Mattie's father He fell off a ladder and died
What is ironic about Mattie's mother's last name? Her name is "Cook" and she doesn't cook well.
Who is Eliza? Free slave who cooks for coffeehouse
Why is Eliza vital to the Cook household? She prepares the food
What made Philadelphia one of the best cities for freed slaves? The Quakers didn't believe in slavery
Mattie says on page 9, "They both supped sorrow with a big spoon." Who is she talking about? Also, explain what this means Eliza & Mother. They were both sad because they lost their husbands.
How has Mattie's mother changed since her father's death? She has become bitter and angry
Mattie's mother refuses to let her go to Polly's to deliver food or go to the funeral. Why? What is she afraid of? She is afraid that Mattie will get sick
Mattie says " Life was a battle." Is this statement a simile, metaphor, or personification? What does it mean? It is a metaphor comparing life to a battle. It means life is a struggle
What has Mattie's grandfather been his whole life? He was an officer in the army
Who did he serve under? General Washington
Who is King George and what does he repeat? He's a parrot. He repeats words
What is Mr. Carris's theory of what is causing the sickness? He thinks it's the coffee beans
What is unusual about the currency in 1793? It is different from different places
What did Mother accidentally say when Mattie offered to put away the dishes? She referred to Polly, who is dead
Where is Mattie's mother thinking of sending Mattie? To the country
What was Grandfather's opinion of Polly? What word does he use that implies this opinion? "Imp" He thinks of her as a troublemaker
What does Mrs. Epler think is the cause of fever? How can people, according to Mrs. Epler, avoid getting the fever? She thinks sinning is the cause. Can avoid it by going to church
Who does Mattie meet on the way back from the market? What are her feelings toward this person? Nathaniel Benson. She likes him
What does each ringing of the bell represent? The number of years the person lived
Girls in 1793 would be shocked by girls clothing today. What lines in the story prove that? "Maybe I wouldn't roll up my sleeves. One had to be careful with elbows and boys."
What is a fond memory Mattie has of winter? She went ice skating around the ships frozen in ice.
Why has the business of the coffeehouse improved so much lately? No one goes to the coffee shops by the docks - they go to the Cook Coffeehouse
What ideas does grandfather have for the extra money? He wants to go into trade
What is Mattie's idea for the extra money? She wants to expand and buy another urn. She also wants to sell
Why does Grandfather not want to go anywhere? He wants to stay and make a profit
Created by: indycreed