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Point of View Quiz

Only the thoughts, feelings, and memories of one main character are shared using the pronouns he, she, they 3rd person
The author, when speaking of the main character, uses the pronouns HE, SHE, THEY 3RD person
Susan said, "I'm going to the mall." 3rd person because I'm is in a quote, so you can't use that. You also can't use possessive pronouns to determine point of view.
The thoughts and feelings of MANY characters. The author is all knowing. They can tell the thoughts, feelings, motives, and experiences of ALL the characters 3rd person Omniscient point of view
The author uses the pronouns you and yours. The character is outside the story speaking directly to the the main character. 2nd person
When the author uses I, ME. This person tells the story in whcih he or she is participating in. 1ST Person
Example: I am not going with you to the show. 2nd
The character or voice who tells the events in the story Narrator
The method of narrating a story or piece of literature Point of view
Read the passage and change the whole paragraph to 1st person. Today Sue got a new puppy. She loved it so much. She walked it and brushed it everyday. The puppy would always jump up to see her when she got home. Today I got a new puppy. I loved it so much. I walk it and brush it everyday. The puppy would always jumps on me when I get home.
Decide the point of view and prove it: He himself was a very old man with shaggy white hair and they liked him almost at once. But on the first evening when he came to meet them at the front door he was so odd looking that Lucy was afraid of him. 3rd person omniscient The narrator knows the thoughts of more than one character.
What is a pronoun? A pronoun is a word that replaces a noun. (I, my we, our, he she, it, they, etc.)
What is a possessive pronoun? Pronouns that show ownership or relationship.
Name some singular possessive pronouns my, mine, your, yours, his her hers, its
Name some possessive plural pronouns. our, ours, your, yours, their, theirs.
(Your, You're) probably afraid of alligators. (Your, You're) ears are bombarded by all kinds of sounds. You're probably afraid of alligators. Your ears are bombarded by all kinds of sounds.
What is an antecedent? The noun that the pronoun replaces. The dog lost its bone. (antecedent=dog)
Identify the pronouns and antecedents. Ben hear an odd noise and it scared him. The calvery riders flashed their swords in the air. Pronoun= it antecedent = noise their (pronoun) riders= antecedent
What pronoun is used with 2nd person point of view? You, your, yours
What pronouns are used with 3rd person? He, she, and they
Which point of view? Charlie threw the ball, and he watched as Tom caught it. Third
Which point of view i when the narratator teslls a story in whcih he or she actively participates. It's whats going on inside his or her mind and describes other characters thoughts and observations? First
Which point of view is speaking directly to the main character. It is not used frequently. You
This point of view tells the story but does NOT paricipate in the events in the story. However, he or she ususally knows the thought and feeling of one of the characters, who is NOT himself or herself. Third
3rd person limited Omniscient The narrator tells only what ONE character thinks, feels, or observes.
What are the 3 points of view? 1st person, 2nd person, and 3rd person point of view
When can you not use pronouns to determine the point of view? If the pronouns are in quotes or if the pronouns are possessive (show ownership)
Be able to change a paragraph that is written in 1st person to write it in 3rd person and from 3rd to 1st. Use the paper from class with the eyeball called- Change the point of view
Be able to identify pronouns and their antecedents Use Pronoun/antecedent ws from class
Be able to identify when to use a contraction or possessive pronoun in a sentence Use ws from class called Possessive pronouns.
Created by: finnegac