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vocabulary mgccc

automony being self governing
culinary pertaining to cooking
deference courtous yielding
rapport relationship of mutual understanding
volition conscious choice
martial pertaining to war
protocol forms of etiquette observed by diplomats
emulation imitation of another
cursory hasty
verbatim word for word
latent lurk
criterion means of judging
subvert undermine
dichotomy divide in to two equal parts
manifest to make clear
symbiosis living together of two dissimular organisms
deja vu thinking new situation has occurred before
atrophy waste away
entrepreneur someone who oranizes a business venture and assumes the risk
tirade violent speech
nemesis rival one can not best
catharsis purging
hierarchy organization of people in different ranks
faux pas tactless act
cynical sneering disbelief
germane appropriate
tactile producing sensation of touch
vestige trace
bastion fortification
acumen insightfulness
carte blanche freedom to do as one wishes
absolve acquit
euphemism tactful phrase substituted for another
panacea cure-all
peruse study
transient not perminant
rancor malice
nadir the lowest point
fulcrum a means of exerting pressure
torque force that produces rotation
jettison throw overboard
decorum proper behavior
lethargy drowsiness
altruism concern for others
cul de sac dead end road
hedonism way of life devoted to pleasure
circumspect careful
pique offend
nebulous indistinct
equanimity quality of remaining calm
impugn to attack physically
cognizant having awareness of
untuous charateristic of an ointment
prerogative distinctly superior advantage
siren bird/woman lure sailors to their death
sartorial of clothing or dress
empathy projection of one's personality into an object
paradox statement contrary to common belief
sedentary marked by much sitting
arduous difficult
virulent infectious
termagant shrewish woman
sanguine reddish
aversion intense dislike
ambiguous having more than one interpretation
macabre gruesome
vignette small graceful litaray sketch
hirsute hairy
assuage satisfy
subliminal not able to produce conscious awareness
wane to become less intense
stoic person uneffected by emotions
gregarious iving in herds or flocks
parity similarity
expedite to speed up
mandate authorative command
amorphous without shape
aberrent turning away from what is right
harbinger a forerunner
entourage group of followers
condone to forgive
rebut present opposing arguments
mercurial fickle
overt open to view
salient prominent
stygian hellish
proctor exam supervisor in school
ethereal highly delicate
mundane common
advocate one who pleads a cause
forensic relating to public speaking
rhetoric speaking effectively
punitive inflicting punishment
heinous shockingly evil
malfeasance misconduct of public oficial
machiavellian deceitful
fallacios not real
syllogism deductive reasoning
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