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Week 2

chapter 4,5 and6

The Power Process "Love you problems (and experience your barriers) encourages you to do what? accept the barrier and take effective action
List 3 techniques used to memorize names. Reciting their name Concentrate on remembering just a few names. Focus all your attention upon hearing the name.
Give an example of an acrostic. The sentence "every good boy does fine" for musical notes on a piano
What is the best state of mind to have when recalling information? Relaxed
The truth about memory is that... The more often you recall information the easier it is to find.
List at least one memorization technique. Create associations and pictures.
By what means can orginization be accomplished? Time Location Category Continuum
What is recite and repeat? When you repeat something out loud it is synergistic Recitation is best when its in your own words Repeat a concept until you know it then repeat it 5 more times
What type of information is most frequently stored in short term memory? The bakerys phone number you looked up on a whim.
How ar eloci and the peg system similar? They demonstratea failure that actually help store information.
What do you do when you want to remember to do something? Link that event to an activity that you know will take place.
Explain mnemonic devises. they don't always help you to understand the material. They can be complicated. They can be forgotten. They can increase the ability to recall difficult lists.
What does the memory jungle represent? Visualization.
What is the advantage of drawing pictures when memorizing? You anchor the information in the second part of your brain.
Is repeating something silently as effective as repeating it out loud? No
What is an acronym? SCUBA- self contained under water apperatus
When should you use underlining? To create singnals for a later reveiw.
Describe the preveiw process. Look for familiar concepts, facts or ideas
What should you do when you encounter familiar words? Write the words and their sentences on 3x5 cards and look them up.
What is the benifit of preveiwing material? Provide a quick reveiw of summary statements.
What should you do if you are reading difficult material? Read a different book on the subject, even if its for young readers.
List a technique for staying focused while you read. Take short breaks.
What should you do when reading work related material? Read with a purpose.
What is a strtegy for doin a mini-reveiw paragraph? Recite in your own words what you have just read.
What can you do to read faster? MOve your eyes faster. Be flexible in what parts of the assignment you focus on. Set limits. Stop ineffective reading habits.
What should you do if there are children around when you are reading? Use pockets of time to study. Plant study breaks that include children. Make study time fun like a game.
What does "Notice your pictures and let them go" mean? Notice which mental pictures are getting in your way to succeed them.
What is prefix? The first sylable of a word.
What does Root Up Answers refer to? Reveiw, Underline, Answer
Why should you reveiw material? Keep the nerval pathways that constitute memory open.
When taking an on-line course, its important to check the syllabus for? Instructors contact information. The attendance policy. the requirements for submitting work, taking exam, etc. Ways to check grades or get feedback.
List important factors to remember when highlighting. Make decisions about what you want to remember from a text.
What should you do when reading material that is tough? Read it a second time.
Note taking is effective only if you do what? Participate as an energetic observer in class.
The Cornell method consists of what? A cue column, a notes section and a summary.
What is the benefit of using tape recordings? Best used when an instuctor speaks too fast.
How doesMind Mapping help note taking? Helps both left and right brain functions.
What is the diffence between review notes and research notes? Resource notes use source cards and information cards.
What is the "I create it all" process? Feeling power and knowing you canchange your behavior responces.
Effective note taking consits of what three parts? Observing, recording and reveiwing.
What should you do if you hear something you disagree with during a lecture or office presentation? Write down your disagreement and focus on the rest of the presentation.
What should you do when taking notes at a fast paced meeting? Flag items that require your follow up.
What is the best way to listen to a lecture? Sit up close to the front, engage.
What can you do to make your note taking better? Use key words. Copy all material from the board or power point. Leave blank space for further notesor just eye relaxation. Color code information. Summerize with a breif paragraph in an outline for material does not work. Label. 1 side of paper
What is in the cue column of the Cornell Method? Lists potential questions or key words generated from the note column.
Define "Left Brain" activity. Creative. Pattern forming. Intuitive.
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