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English 6-1

Midterm review

absurd adj. ridiculous; not sensible
authentic adj. not fake or copied; real
bizarre adj. extremely strange or odd
conventional adj. usual; generally accepted
exception noun. a case or example that does not follow a rule or convention
exotic adj. Unusual or interesting because it's from another part of the world
habitual adj. done on a regular basis
norm noun. a standard model or pattern that is typical
novel adj. Unusual because it is new
superlative adj. The best or most outstanding; superior
ancestor noun. A person who someone is descended from
clan n. a group that has a common ancestor or background
compatible adj. getting along or working well together
domestic adj. relating to the family or household
filial adj. relating to a son or daughter
hereditary adj. passed from parent to child genetically
kin noun. a person's relatives; family
lineage noun. direct descent from a particular ancestor (family)
matrimony noun. marriage
spouse noun. wife or husband
theme a repeated idea or common thread through a literary work. Friendship and loyalty was a theme in Detectives in Togas because the boys helped their teacher and each other.
Created by: Jamiearthurhagan