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more exposures

Energy of the incoming photon is increased as compared to the binding energy of the electron Photoelectric Effect
Does photoelectric reach the film? No... photoelectric is absorption
Does photoelectric interactions take place with an inner or outer shell electron? Inner shell
Photoelectric is directly responsible for 2 things. What are they? contrast and patient dose
What interaction within the body is when the incoming photon energy is greater than the binding energy? (alot higher) Compton Effect (also called compton scattering)
Do compton interactions take place with an inner or outer shell electron? Outer shell
What percent of scatter comes from compton interactions? 99%
What are other names for Compton scatter? Modified Scattering and Incoherent Scattering
What interactions take place within the body with a incoming photon that has a lower energy than binding? Thompson Effect
What are other names for Thompson interactions? Unmodified scattering Coherent scattering Classical scattering
Name 3 ways to reduce radiation dose. minimize exposure time maximize distance use sheilding
Where is the least amount of scatter radiation emitted? At right angles to the Central ray
What is the maximum dose allowable for technologist 5 Roentgens per year (5000 miilirems)
What are the different machine phases? single phase 3 phase high frequency
What is the most effective way to reduce patient dose? collumation
If you increase collumation, what happens to density? decreases
Where should you collumate to? 1/2 in beyond the border of the anatomy of interest
What are considered to be the most sensitive organs? eyes, thyroid and reproductive organs
How do intensifying screens affect patient dose? when screen speed is increased, patient dose decreases (but sharpness is reduced)
What is the most commonly used screen speed? 400
How do technique charts affect repeats? 30% reduction in repeats
What is the minimum distance for tube in C-arm should be from the patients skin? 12"
What is an overexposed film vs a fogged film? On a fogged film you can't see whites
How do you reduce patient dose on larger patients? Lie prone instead of supine and use a compression paddle
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