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GEO government test

what is a unitary system of government? gives all key powers to national or central goverment, UK and France
federal system of government divides powers of government between national and state/provincial governments, U.S.
cofederacy when country consists of loose union of independent states or territories, not strong enough
what is an autocracy (dictatorship)? power and authority belong to a single individual
how do they hold power? through military and police power, and they control freedom of speech and press
what is a totalitarian dictatorship? decisions of a single leader determine government policies, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini
what is an autocratic monarchy? ruler gets position through inheritance, King of Saudi Arabia
what is a constitutional monarchy? monarch is head of state but it is only ceremonial and elected officials hold power to rule, Queen of England
what is an oligarchy? small group holds power, china
what is democracy? system of government in which leaders rule with the consent of the people
what does democracy mean? demos-the people kratia-rule
what is a representative democracy? people elect representatives with the responsibility and power to make laws and conduct government, U.S.
what is a republic? voters elect all major officials who are responsible for the people
what are three U.S. political parties? democrats, republicans, independents
what is a country with only one political party? autocracy/dictatorship
how often are elections in the U.S.? president-4 years representative-2 years
what is the purpose of the bill of rights? to protect individual rights of the people living in a country
what are the five freedoms from the first amendment? freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, freedom of press, freedom of petition
what is the motto of the bill of rights? you are innocent until proven guilty
what are the rights to the accused? right to a fair and speedy trial, right to remain silent, right to question accusers, right to a trial by a jury of your peers, right to knowledge of the accusation
what are the habeas corpus rights? right to be put in front of a court before prison, cannot hold you in jail without evidence and approval from a judge
how are you protected from searches and seizures? the police cannot search or seize something from your home without a search warrant issued by a judge, in order to search house or car police must have probable cause
what happened in New Jersey vs. TLO? TLO was caught smoking in the bathroom of a school but denied it, her principal searched her bag and found marijuana dealing evidence, she was brought to court and put on probation and sent to juvie for a year
how does the local, state, and federal government affect the lives of my family and i? local- police, emt, ambulance, taxes, curfew for minors, zoning laws,maintain local roads, public schools, maintain parks and recreation
state- high school graduation requirements, driver's license age, state parks, state highways, taxes, marriage licensing, drinking age, state penitentiary
federal- federal prisons, armed forces, social security, fbi, airport security, federal income taxes, immigration, interstate highways, medicare, social security
what is the government structure at ursuline? how is it organized? pres- dr reichart principal- mr michalski mission effect- ms rogan network administrator- mr baker finances- mrs huff counselling- mrs mccroary diversity- mrs harris facilities manager- ray cattaneo
Created by: distler