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Introduction to Tech

Examples of products of technology around us are: vitamins, cars, computers, houses
Why do we study technology? it is rewarding, fun and exciting
Define technologically literate. being able to make informed decisions about technology and feel comfortable with it
An example of a technology that we use today based on an earlier technology is: arrows, cars, CDs
What is technology? Technology is the use of scientific knowledge to improve the quality of life.
What is Educational Technology? Using technology as a teaching tool to enhance the teaching and learning process.
The five technology clusters are: Communications, Transportation, Construction, Manufacturing, and Bio-Related
_________________ is an Informational System. Communications
________________ is the movement of people or goods from one place to another. Transportation
Construction technology is the: Building of structures
The technology that has to do with living things is called ______________ Technology. Bio-Related
The five parts of the Technology Systems Model are: Technology, Feedback, Models, Systems, and Processes
The bookmark button performs what action? Saves your spot in the program so you can go back to it.
The end result of the system is the ____________. output
____________ is an evaluation that allows you to change and improve technology. Feedback
__________ is the command given to the system and the resources put into the system to achieve the desired result. Input
The __________ is the action of the system, or how the system achieves the desired result. process
In terms of technology, exponential growth means that the more technology we develop, the ________ we will develop new technology. faster
What does the internet button do in the techlab software? brings up the Internet Explorer browser
What are the 7 resources needed for technology? information, people, energy, time, capital, tools(machines), materials
Technology transfer means that technology developed for one purpose is found to be useful for another.
The technology gap is the difference in technological development between rich and poor countries.
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