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Real Estate Game

Use for BNI

One of two 100% financing programs USDA Rural Housing
Many buyers think they can't use a Realtor when purchasing a _______ New Build
Pre-foreclosure sale Short Sale
A mortgage that can be transferred to another borrower Assumable Mortgage
A market with high inventory and low interest rates Buyers Market
An estimate of the value of a property based on an analysis of sales of properties with similar characteristics Competitive Market Analysis
Designation recognized by NAR for extensive knowledge in working with distressed properties Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource
Creating a win-win situation for all parties Negotiation
The relationship of trust that exists between sellers and buyers and their agents. Agency
A gov't backed rehab loan allowing a buyer to finance repairs at the time of purchase 203K
Newlyweds, growing families, downsizing Perfect Referrals
A gov't backed loan program with only 3.5% down FHA Loan
Programs available for buyers to help with upfront costs Downpayment Assistance
A home that has been through the foreclosure process REO or Bank Owned
People moving into or out of the area Relocation
Preparing the home for sale Staging
A determination of the value of a property after existing liens are deducted Equity
The price that a piece of property sells for at a particular point in time Market Value
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