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RSC1-Bronchial Hygie

Chestphysiotherapy positions

How long after a patient has had a meal is it ok to perform CPT? BK 1 Hour
What is the primary reason for performing CPT? BK To loosen secretions in the lungs
How long is a patient generally left in a position? BK 3-15 minutes
What type of patients is CPT most effective with? BK Patients with copious secretions
Is it necessary to drain parts of the lungs that do not have secretions? BK No
What is Trendelenberg position? BK Head down with feet raised 18 inches
What is an ABSOLUTE CONTRAINDICATION of CPT? BK Untreated pneumothorax
If you are draining a patient's left lateral segment, should the patient be on their right or left side? BK Right side
Is the patient lying supine or prone when giving therapy to the superior segments? BK Prone
Which of the following is not a contraindication of CPT: COPD, Obesity, Copious secretions, or Head injury? BK Copious secretions
Should a therapist coordinate therapy with adminstering pain medication? BK Yes, therapists should not perform therapy on their patients if they are in pain
What should you do if a patient has had surgery or bad pains where you need to perform therapy? BK You should modify the position needed for the therapy so you are still able to give them the therapy they need.
Created by: conniec0005