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Aerosolized Medicati

Aerosolized Medications

A nebulizer treatment delivers what kind of medication to the respiratory tract? DW Aersolized
racemic epinephrine as an aerosolized medication is known as what? (2 answers)MG Vaponefrin or Micronefrin
An aerosolized medication is a liquid medicine that is converted into a fine ______?DW mist
What is the most common used Beta 2 in the U.S. and comes in solution, MDI, or oral dosages?MG Albuterol
Levabuterol is also known as __________?DW Xopenex
Xopenex is twice as strong Albuterol, making it's dosage _____ to ___________mg.MG .63-1.5mg
Pirbuterol, a SABA, is also known as________.DW MAXAIR
This is a pro drug, delivered in a non-active phase, also known as Tornalate. MG Bitolterol
Aerosol drug administration is also known as ____________ therapy. DW Inhalation
This drug is Beta 2 LABA specific used twice a day for maintenance of bronchospasms and it's trade name is Serevent.MG Salmeterol
Formoterol, a LABA, and beta 2 specific is known as ___________ when used as a DPI and as a solution is known as Performist. DW Foradil
LABA, long acting beta adrenergic, are NOT for acute asthma or ___________.MG Bronchospasms
Aerosol administration of drugs is indicated in circumstances where rapid absorption and localization effects of the drug are required to produce the appropriate response. TRUE/FALSE DW TRUE
What is a preferred anti-cholinergic drug for bronchodilation?MG Ipatropium
Atrovent is a short acting parasympatholytic also known as.DW Ipatropium Bromide
Tiotropium is a long acting parasympatholytic known as Spiriva, this drug has a slow onset, but is only used once a day because why?MG It lasts 24 hours
Aerosol medication administration is used commonly in patients that have___________.DW Asthma
A side effect of aerosolized corticosteroids might include_______________________.MG fungal infection of the mouth
Chromolin Sodium, Intal, can be used for what?DW Excercise induced asthma
It is very important that when delivering a steroid via inhalation you have the patient to ___________ after medication has been delivered. MG rinse their mouth
Combivent is a combination of _______ and ___________ to prevent wheezing, difficulty breathing, chest tightness, and coughing in pts. with COPD. DW Albuterol and Ipratropium
If you have a patient with shortness of breath with bilateral wheezing with a diagnosis of asthma, what is the most appropriate aerosol treatment drug?MG Albuterol
Swallowing of an aerosolized medicine will (increase or decrease) the side effects of that medicine. DW Increase
What is the appropriate adult dosage of albuterol?MG 2.5mg
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