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Top 200 Drugs

Pharmacy Technician Class

Crestor rosuvastatin
Aricept donepezil
Strattera atomoxetine
Synthroid levothyroxine
Nasonex mometasone
Premarin Tabs conjugated estrogen
Lamisil Oral terbinafine
Omnicef cefdinir
Flomax tamsulosin
Cozaar losartan
Aricept - Indications Improve memory - Alzheimers
Crestor - Indications Lowers cholesterol
Cozaar - Indications Hypertension
Flomax - Indications Treats enlarged prostate
Lamisil Oral - Indications Fungal infections
Omnicef - Indications Treats bacterial infection
Premarin Tabs - Indications Helps reduce symptoms of menopause
Strattera - Indications Treats ADHD
Synthroid - Indications Thyroid hormone replacement
donepezil - Drug Interactions carbamazepine, digoxin
rosuvastatin - Drug Interactions antacids, cyclosporin, itraconazole
losartan - Drug Interactions fluconazole, lithium
tamsulosin - Drug Interactions sildenafil, warfarin
terbinafine - Drug Interactions cimetidine, theophylline
mometasone - Drug Interactions prednisone, caffeine
cefdinir - Drug Interactions probenecid
conjugatted estrogens - Drug Interactions warfarin, cimetidine
atomoxetin - Drug Interactions phenelzine, alcohol
levothyroxine - Drug Interactions amiodarone, phenytoin
Aricept - Adverse/ Side Effects dizziness, diarrhea
Crestor - Adverse/ Side Effects vision change, dark colored urine
Cozaar - Adverse/ Side Effects hoarsness
Flomax - Adverse/ Side Effects difficulty breathing, prolonged erection
Lamisil Oral - Adverse/ Side Effects Fever, dark colored urine
Nasonex - Advers/ Side Effects bloody nose, coughing
Omnicef - Adverse/ Side Effects difficulty breathing, redness of skin
Premarin Tabs - Adverse/ Side Effects Break through bleeding (Spotting)
Strattera - Adverse/ Side Effects chest pain, agitation
Synthroid - Adverse/ Side Effects difficulty breathing, heat intolerance
Coreg cardivedilol
Imitrex sumatriptan
Diovan valsartan
Actonel risedronate
Tricor fenofibrate
Lantus insulin glargine (human)
Viagra sildenafil
Diovan HCT valsartan / hydrochlorothiazide
Vytorin ezetimibe / simvastatin
Altace ramipril
Altace - Indications hypertension - lowersblood pressure
Altace - Side effects swelling of your face, lips, or tongue fast or uneven heart beat, palpitations, or chest pain
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