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Rad Phys Final

rad phys final

energy of position potential energy
energy of motion kinetic energy
elements simple substance
compound complex substance
smallest particle of a compound possessing characteristics of the compound molecule
the smallest component of an element having the chemical properties of the element atom
positive charge proton
neutral charge neutron
negative charge electron
contains the protons and neutrons nucleus
orbit the nucleus electrons
one of two or more atoms with the same atomic number but with different numbers of neutrons. they are unstable isotopes
like charges repel & unlike charges attract law of electrostatics
negative charge cathode
positive charge anode
when the filament is heated, electrons are released thermionic emission
the intensity of a radiation field is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source. inverse square law
electric pressure volts
amount amps
resistance ohms
#18. two bodies of same charge repel
#11. the atomic number (z number) is equal to protons
#8. particles around nucleus electrons
power loss formula PL= I^2R
power formula P= VI
all electrons spin in the same direction magnetic field
converts electrical energy to mechanical energy motor
converts mechanic energy to electrical energy generator
commutator rings DC motors
slip rings AC motors
x-ray tubes use _________ DC
connected to the mA selector rheostat
connected to the kV selector autotransformer
connected to the time selector timing circuit
changes AC to DC rectifier
sends charge to x-ray tube capacitor
takes low voltage from autotransformer and steps it up for the tube step-up transformer
reduces voltage to the filament of the x-ray tube (increases amperage) step-down transformer
eddy, copper loss & hysterisis transformer powerloss
x-rays can be focused by a lens false
x-ray tubes produce beams that are homogenous and monoenergetic false
x-rays produce minute amounts of heat when passing through matter true
x-rays are negatively charged like electrons false
x-rays will ionize atoms by removing electrons from their orbits true
x-rays do not affect photographic film false
x-rays have a dualistic nature; behaving like particles and also like waves true
the direction of a flow of electrons can be affected by a magnetic or electric field false
the direction of a flow of x-rays can be affected by a magnetic or electric field false
#31. electrical ----> mechanical motor
#32. electrical current AC
#33. uses 10 volts and 50 amps *use power formula*
#45. speed of light/x-rays frequency of radiation multiplied by
a unit of exposure in the air equal to creation of 2.08 x 10^9 ion pairs per cc of air roentgen
unit of dose equivalence rem
describes the quantity of radioactive material curie
unit of absorbed dose rad
produces a charge of 2.58 x 10 ^-4 coulombs per kilogram roentgen
SI equivalent is the gray rad
SI equivalent is the sievert rem
determined by rads x quality factor rem
SI equivalent is the becquerel curie
mini solar system bohr
advising agency NRC
kV x mA x t x phase= heat units
use p-n junction semiconductors solid state rectifier
process of changing AC to DC rectification
V = IR (V= volts of potential diff, I= amps of current, R= ohms of resistance) Ohm's law
motor in an x-ray tube induction motor
actual focal spot always larger than effective focal spot line focus principle
#62. single phase at 30 kV, 500 mA, and 1/30th of a second. *HU formula*
#68. what timer is used in a single phase machine? counting sine waves
#75. HU chart is exposure safe
incident electron interacts with electrostatic force field of nucleus brems interactions
incident electron interacts with k-shell electron characteristic interaction
in a DNA macromolecule, the sequence of _______ determines the characteristics of every living thing nitrogenous organic bases
radiation induced chromosome damage may be evaluated during ________ metaphase
primary energy source of cells carbohydrates
provides info controlling cell growth and metabolism nucleic acid
produces antibodies lymphocytes
protein synthesis occurs here ribosomes
somatic cells divide through mitosis
during mitosis, two new nuclei form during _______ telophase
process of reducing cell division meiosis
free radicals behave as an extremely reactive single entity as a result of unpaired electrons
cellular garbage disposal lysosomes
cancer and genetic defects are examples of stochastic effects
#130. A
#135. more damage B (high LET)
#110. Which are by-products of PE absorption? D (characteristic)
the linear, nonthreshold curve implies that biologic response is directly proportion to the dose
stochastic effect is the same as probabilistic
no threshold stochastic
threshold deterministic
nonstochastic = deterministic = threshold early somatic effects
stochastic = probabilistic = nonthreshold late somatic effects
radiosensitivity of cells is directly proportional to reproductive activity and inversely proportional to their degree of differentiation law of B & T
50% of the population will be dead within 30 days LD 50/30
the amount of energy delivered per unit track by radiation LET
oxygen concentration will increase the likelihood of radiation damage OER
high LET radiation is likely to cause _____ damage than low LET radiation more
example of high LET radiation alpha particle
a filter operates via PE interactions
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