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Radiological positi

Extremity, Abd, Chest Positions

Dorsal decub abd- CR centered at... iliac crests
Another name for anterior... ventral
Best radiograph to show radial head free of superimposition... AP (external) oblique elbow (lateral rotation)
Best to show coronoid process of ulna w/out superimposition... AP oblique elbow
CR angle for AP elbow w/ partly flexed elbow.. none
CR angle for Tangential Carpal Canal... 30deg
CR angle for AP Axial Chest... 20deg
CR entrance for elbow in acute flexion for PROXIMAL forearm... 2" distal to olecranon process
CR entrance for elbow in acute flexion for DISTAL forearm... 2" superior to olecranon process
Rotation of foot & leg for AP femur... 10-15deg medial
Technical name for Danelus-Miller projection... Axiaolateral Hip projection
AP weight bearing projection commonly used for... arthritis
SID for lat sternum... 72"
Breathing for lat sternum... full inspiration
Breathing for RAO sternum... shallow
Body oblique degree for RAO sternum... 15-20 degrees
L lat chest displayed on monitor... anterior chest on viewer's right
Gb is in what cavity? abd cavity
the nine abd regions... R & L hypochodric & epigastrium/ R & L lateral & umbilical/ R & L inguinal & hypogastrium
Critique for lat chest... ribs posteriorly to vert are superimposed
Projection usually good for spiral fx.. obliques
Xiphoid process is at what level? T10
Hand position for Norgaard... lat hands rotated outward 45 deg with ulnar side down
AP or PA wrist is best for intercarpal spaces? AP
Stecher (PA Axial) is for what body part & what is the anglulation? scaphoid..... IR angled 20 degrees
CR for Burman Method for 1st CMC joint.. thru 1st CMC joint at 45 deg angle twd elbow
CR for Robert Method for 1st CMC joint.. Thumb will be in what position? perp thru 1st CMC joint AP
Colle's fx fx of distal radius & ulna w/ posterior displacement
Smithe's fx fx of distal radius & ulna w/ anterior displacement
Boxer fx fx of neck of 5th metacarpal
Method used for carpal canal Gaynor-Hart Method
A reason to do chest x=ray on expiration.. for suspected pneumothorax
shoulder girdle formed by what bones? scapula & clavicle
Upper margin of IR for shoulder... 1 1/2" above humeral head
What shoulder projection is best for the glenoid cavity AP oblique shoulder (Grashey)
What rotation puts shoulder in lateral position? Internal
Breathing for AP clavicle? Breathing for lordotic (AP AXial) clavicle? expiration full inspiration
Purpose of AP Axial clavicle.. to show clavicle above shoulder structures
CR for AP scapula... Breathing... perp to midscapular area at 2"below coracoid shallow
CR angulation for AP Axial clavicle (lordotic), Standing... supine... Breathing.. standing...1-15 degrees supine....15-30 degrees full inspiration
inferiosuperior Axial shoulder, (Lawrence Method) CR angulation.. CR entrance.. 15-30 degrees medial depending on abduction of arm horizontally thru axillary
inferiorsuperior Axial shoulder, (West-Point Method) CR angulation.. dual angle of 25 degrees, anteriorly from horizontal AND medially
AC joints SID.... CR... breathing.. 72" perp to AC joint level suspend
SC Joints CR... IR... Breathing... perp to center of IR entering at T3 (at jugular notch) center IR at level of spinous process of T3 inspiration.. to obtain uniform density
dorsal surface of foot is considered... superior surface
AP axial shoulder CR angle... 35 degrees cephalad
Lat foot CR... perp at medial cuneform passsing thru base of 3rd MT
Axial (plantodorsal) calcaneus CR angle.. 40 deg
Mortise joint clearly seen on AP ankle when AP oblique of 15-20 deg not an option ..
AP oblique shoulder (Grashey) body rotation... IR... arm pos... -35-40 degrees -scapula parrallel to IR, centered to scapulohumeral joint (2"inferior & medial to shoulder border) -arm in slight internal rot w/ palm of hand on abd
Lat knee flexion.. knee flexed 20-30 deg
lat patella flexion.. knee flexed 5-10 deg
medial oblique knee is best for... lateral condyle & tibiofibular joint
Camp_Coventry (AP Axial) is for.. CR angle... intercondylar fossa 40 deg caudad
all intercondylar projections.. CR perp to lower leg angle
Created by: kairis276