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Manpower Block 4

Manpower Programming and Resource Management

What is DoD's resource management system controlled by the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF)? PPBE (Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution)
Which phase improves our ability to translate top-down guidance into meaningful plans and requirements? Planning Phase
Which phase links the plan and the budget, allowing allocations in a systematic way with direct relationships to the roles and missions of the DoD, and translates planning guidance into dollars, forces, and manpower of approved AF programs? Programming Phase
In which phase do we refine costing of approved service programs, submit proposed budgets, and participate in SECDEF's review of proposed service budgets before the DoD budget is submitted to Congress. This phase formulates, executes, controls resources. Budgeting Phase
During this phase services execute the budget, procure new forces and capabilities, & the CCDRs update their Operation Plans (OPLAN) as required. This phase focuses on running the AF day to day & is mostly carried out at the MAJCOM, Wing and unit level Execution Phase
The official document and database that summarizes the force levels and funding associated with specific SECDEF approval programs. The DoD's FYDP (Future Years Defense Program)
In the budget years, manpower and dollars project out ___ years, while forces extend an additional ___ years 6, 3
The FYDP is arranged two ways, what are they? Major Force Program (MFP) and Congressional Approval
What are 3 examples of congress' historical involvement in setting ceilings through legislation? Management Headquarters, Military Troop Strengths, Overseas Manpower Ceilings.
Describe Management Headquarters Each AF Management Headquarters or Headquarters Support activity organizes and staffs itself to perform effectively with a minimum number of personnel
Describe Military Troop Strengths The FY 93 DoD Authorization Ace levied two military troop strength ceilings: European Troop Strength and Overseas Troop Strength.
What is the unique process for implementing the PPBE? AFCS (Air Force Corporate Structure), this structure increases management effectiveness.
What reflects the resources needed to achieve an objective or plan? Major Force Programs (MFPs), MFPs 1-5 and 11 are combat oriented and contain their own organic support. MFPs 6-10 are support oriented and essentially DoD-wide
What can be thought of as categories of money, each with a specific intended use? Appropriations, the military is required to use appropriated dollars for mission purposes and is not allowed to move money across appropriations without congressional consent
List 3 examples of congress' historical involvement in setting ceilings through legislation: Management Headquarters, Military Troop Strengths, and Overseas Manpower Ceilings
This Act limits the number of colonel, lieutenant colonel, and major grades based on budgeted officer end strengths? Defense Officer Personnel Management Act (DOPMA)
What is passed by Congress and defines the maximum number of officers and enlisted authorizations? DoD Authorization Bills
What is the prime indicator of what is required to do the job? Enlisted skill level, rather than grade
This documents required and authorized grades for all military manpower positions... MPES (Manpower Programming and Execution System)
This data field states unconstrained required grades to accomplish specific workloads... The required grade data field
This data field reflects fiscal reality... The authorized grade data field
How do we define grades allowed? By applying allocated grade factors to the budgeted end strength
Who prepares final grade factors for MAJCOM allocations? AFMA
What form is required in establishing colonel requirements (aside from Objective Wing Commanders, Vice Commanders and Group Commanders) AF Form 81
Which API code is used for Pilot positions used primarily for cockpit duty? API 1
Which API code is used for Flight surgeon positions? API 5
Which API code is used for Rated officers assigned to non-rated duties and all non-rated officers? API 0
What is required for all staff or supervisory positions not covered by an approved Air Force Manpower Standard (AFMS) with some exceptions? AF Form 480, Aircrew AFSC/Active Flying Justification
What is the function of the ADP? Assists commander in validating, approving, and documenting need for additional personnel resources support installation level requirements. Aids identifying, training, tracking personnel to meet short term augmentee exercise/wartime situation/scenario
When does the PPBE start? With the publishing of the Defense Planning Guidance (DPG)
Who complies the Defense Planning Guide (DPG)? The SECDEF
What are the primary controlling factors in managing civilian resources? Validation of civilian manpower requirements by Manpower and Organization (MO) function, availability of manpower authorization, and availability of financial resources
IMA authorizations may NOT be used for __ When IMA administrative management is the sole justification
Joint operation planning includes the following Mobilization Planning, Deployment Planning, Employment Planning, Sustainment Planning
Asks, "Do we need to utilize Guard and Reserve Forces to meet our planned objectives?" "How are we going to use them?" Mobilization Planning
Asks, "When are they needed?" "What role are they playing?" Deployment Planning
Asks, "How will they be used?" "What part of the mission will they be doing?" Employment Planning
Asks, "What is needed to keep them operating?" Sustainment Planning
What are the 4 basic forms of command relationships? Combatant command, operational control, tactical control, and support
This is not one of the basic forms of command relationship, but is a related authority that is also used. Administrative control
NCA (National Command Authority) exercise authority and control through a single chain of command with 2 branches, what are they? Operational Branch and Non-Operational Branch
Operational Branch encompasses... Runs from the President, through the SECDEF, to the CCDR
Non-Operational Branch encompasses... Runs from the President through the SECDEF to the Secretaries of the Military Departments
The Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan (JSCP) encompasses... The last phase of resource management- tells how to use the output from the PPBE
The War and Mobilization Plan (WMP) encompasses... Consists of 5 volumes, provides Air Staff, AF planners, and AF commanders with current priorities, planning factors, and JSCP apportioned forces for conducting and supporting operations
TPFDD encompasses... The electronic data portion of a contingency plan that coexist in JOPES/DCAPES
Adaptive Planning encompasses... Emphasis on "front end" elements of planning, allows combatant commander to develop a full range of flexible options
Contingency Planning encompasses... Developes responses to potential scenarios, determine forces required to achieve objectives, prepares deployment plans, and continually evaluates selected courses of action (COAs)
Crisis Action Planning encompasses... Driven by current events in real time & emergencies, is time-sensitive situations. Based on actual circumstances that exist when crisis action planning occurs. Ideally addresses the crisis situation
GCCS (Global Command and Control System) encompasses... The infrastructure which contains the AF Deliberate Crisis Action Planning and Execution Segments (DCAPES)
JOPES (Joint Operation Planning and Execution System) encompasses... Principal DoD system to translate Presidential and SECDEF policy decisions into the joint combatant commander's air, land and sea operations. Published in 3 volumes
DCAPES (Deliberate Crisis Action Planning and Execution Segment) encompasses... 3 main components- AFJET (Air Force JOPES Editing Tool), AFQT (Air Force Query Tool), Unit Type Code (UTC) Management (UDM)
What is the primary purpose of AFJET? Allow AF planners to update and maintain JOPES TPFDDs.
What is the primary purpose of (AFQT)? Replicates rapid query capability in JOPES and creates snapshot for later analysis. Info can be saved as a historical record and compared with new queries over time to track changes
What are the main components of the MEFPAK (Manpower and Equipment Force Packaging System)? The process for developing and describing standard, predefined manpower and equipment force capabilities. Consists of 2 components- Manpower Force Packaging System (MANFOR) and Logistics Forces (LOGFOR)
This component of MEFPAK contains manpower detail for each applicable UTC... MANFOR
This MEFPAK subsystem is used to collect and store the material requirements for each UTC... LOGFOR
For Wartime and Contingencies, Manpower plays key roles in 3 interdependent aspects of execution. They are... Deployment force management, Reception force management, and In-place force management
This is a statement of summary of a unit's mission and resources for which it has been organized, designed and equipped... Designed Operational Capacity (DOC) statements
The purpose of a DOC Statement is to... Identify the specific measurement standards against which a unit is measured and reported.
The 3 types of DOC Statements are... Primary mission DOC statement, Secondary mission DOC statements, Tertiary mission DOC statements
DOC Statements contain... Unit identification, mission tasking narrative, mission specifics, and resources to be measured
In step 4 of a DOC Statement Review, we check for... Any gaining commands if the DOC is assigned to a Reserve or Guard unit
Status of Resources and Training System (SORTS) is used to... Measure the readiness of a combat or combat support unit. This report will identify units that can or cannot meet their Designed Operational Capacity (DOC)
What is a Unit Type Code? A UTC is a potential capability
UTC packages are the... Basic building blocks for determining detailed planned manpower and equipment requirements data
The 3 parts of a UTC are... UTC title, mission capability statement (MISCAP), and manpower detail for each applicable UTC
A MISCAP (Mission Capability Statement) describes... The mission the UTC is capable of accomplishing and describes significant employment information. It MAY OR MAY NOT BE CLASSIFIED.
The 7 steps to MISCAP/MFEL (Manpower Force Element Listing) are... 1:Identify mission and environments, 2:Organize and structure units, 3:Determine requirements, 4:Identify available resources, 5:Compare resources to requirements, 6:Resolve mismatches, 7:DOCUMENT REQUIREMENTS
UTC's are generally build to accommodate... 30 days of sustained capabiliey
In addtion to accommodating 30 days of sustained capability, sustaining capability is based on a... MAF of six 10-hour shifts, wartime MAF
MEFPAK Responsible Agencies (MRAs) are tasked annually to... Ensure the accuracy, consistency, and currency of the title, MISCAP, and logistics/manpower detail of their UTCs
This is a planning and execution tool that provides a means of logically grouping records, which facilitate planning, analysis and monitoring... A Force Module (FM)
Force modules may include... Both forces and sustainment.
The primary purpose of a force module is to... Expedite development of the TPFDD (Time Phased Force Deployment Data) where there is no existing plan or to allow modification of an OPLAN TPFDD in response to changes during execution
FMs have 4 specific areas of force presentation, they are... 1:Air and Space Expeditionary Task Force (AETF) FMs, 2:Functional Area FMs, 3:AETF Support FMs, 4:OPLAN specific FMs
This report and tracking tool measures the readiness of the UTCs assigned to the unit... AEF Reporting Tool (ART)
ART resides on the... SIPRNET
Units must gather data in 5 areas for ART, they are... Personnel, Training, Warrior Skills, Equipment/Supplies, and Equipment Condition
There are 3 codes/colors associated with ART, they are... Green/Go, Yellow/Caution, Red/No Go
ART has 2 assessments, they are... Readiness and Tasking Assessment
A Readiness Assessment must be accomplished every... Every 30 days or within 24 hours of a status change
A Tasking Assessment must be accomplished within... 5 days of tasking/deployment notification
The goal of the Total Force Assessment (TFA) is to... Estimate the AF's total manpower requirements for both peacetime and wartime operations
All MAJCOMs use ..... to accomplish the TFA JSCP scenarios
For TFA, all AF manpower will be categorized into four major categories, they are... Deploying Forces, In-Place Forces, Directed Mission, and In-Place Support
The Base Support Plan (BSP) contains information relating to... The mobilization of units to an operational theatre as well as the employment of units into the base (if applicable)
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