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Notes for Finals

Your body meets the challenges of its stressors by: reacting with heightened levels of awareness, focus and physical reactivity
Ongoing or chronic stress may result in: long-term illness, injury, or hospitalization
the first step in the greiving process is: denial
A prolonged sense of sadness and hopelessness is known as: depression
The belief that you are a valuable and unique human being who has something positive to offer the world is called: self-esteem
The control of communicable diseases is one objective of the: CDC
In regards to health organizations, WHO is: primary health agency of the UNited Nations
What is Hospice? an organization that helps people in their final days of life
UNICEF: a worldwide resource concerned with the care of children
The March of Dimes was first organized in order to help find a cure and treat which disease? Polio
An organization that works to prevent birth defects is: The March of Dimes
Extended health services and physical therapy are provided by? clinics
The Patient's Bill of Rights: informs patients of their rights when seeking healthcare
a health insurance that provides all health care needs is called a: Primary Care Plan
Federally funded health insurance for people below the poverty level is called: Medicaid
Federally funded health insurance for a person over the age of 65 is called: Medicare
What food group is a good sources of protein, calcium, and riboflavin? Dairy
Which nutrient supplies the ost calories per gram? Fat/Oil
Toast with butter and jelly would be classified in which food groups? Grains, Fruits and Dairy
The main food source for energy comes from: carbohydrates
Substances that are essential for body growth and repair are: protiens
A deficiency of calcium can lead to: osteoporosis
Physical benefits of exercise include: stronger bones
Single-celled organisms: Protozoan
Organism that is the cause of ringworm: fungus
A biological agent that cannot reproduce on its own is a virus
The common cold's pathogen virus
TB is a: respiratory disease
A disease that is characteristic of a particular local region is called: endimic
Athlete's foot is caused by: Fungus
Polio is caused by a virus. True
What does pathogenic mean? disease producing
Flu is caused by: virus
Drug used to control diabetes Insulin
When a thrombus (clot) blocks a cerebral atery, this may occur: stroke
The spread of cancer: metastasis
A blood clot that occurs in the coronary arteries is a heart attack
Carcinogen is: a substance that causes cancer
Abdominal thrusts (aka the Heimlich maneuver) are a method of aiding a: choking victim
If vomiting occurs during the resuscitation effort, the best procedure is to: turn the victim to the side, sweep out the mouth, and resume CPR
CPR is a combination of: chest compression and rescue breaths
If you are alone with an infant who has stopped breathing, you should: begin CPR for 2 minutes and then call 911.
Testes are located in the: scrotum
These control the body's sexual functions: hormones
The ovum might also be called the: egg
The vas deferns carry urine and sperm out of the male body. False
The opening to the uterus is called the cervix True
The uterus is also known as the: womb
Circumcision operations are done for reasons of: religion and cleanliness
The organ of reproduction for the male is the penis
Estrogen is the female hormone responsible for producing secondary sex characteristics True
The shedding of the lining of the uterus every month is knonw as menstruation True
Spermicide should be used with diaphragms and cervical caps True
The possible problem with the pill's effectiveness includes: not taking it at the same time of day each day.
Using a diaphragm can protect a person from STDs False
You must cahnge the IUD (Intrauterine Device) daily False
Tubal ligation is: irreversible
Both ends of the vas deferens are seald closed in a: vasectomy
An injectino given every 12 weeks Depo-Provera
The symptoms for _____ may not appear until years after the initial infection. AIDS
_____ is an STD that manifests itself with sores on the mouth or genetals. Herpes
_____ sexual diseases are sometimes treatable but have no cure. Viral
The moment a sperm unites with an egg: fertilization
The bbrain begins to form and the heart begins to beat during: the first trimester
The final stage of pregnancy labor
During the _____ trimester, the fetus can use all five senses. Third
A zygote is a fertilized egg
The amniotic sac surrounds and protects the developing embryo
The majority of alcohol in the blood stream is detoxified in the: liver
Drinking alcohol is especially dangerous when combined with amphetamines
Alcohol is a dangerous drug because it: affects teh nerves that control repiration and gag reflexes
Long-term alcohol abuse can lead to irreversible damage to the liver false
FAS can occur with moderate to light drinking true
marijuana seems to adversely affect: short-term memory
Can excite the central nervous system: stimulants
Cocaine is calssified as a stimulant
People who use hallucinogens often experience: impairment of judgment and reasoning
TCH is associated with what marijuana
Which disease has marijuana been effective in treating the symptoms? Glaucoma
Steroids can cause: lifelong physical and psychological damage
The immediate effect of depressants is to: slow down teh functioning of the central nervous system
marijuana : slows physical reaction time
Tobacco is both a stimulant and a depressant
Smokeless tobacco has the same risks as cigarettes except: lung disease
The addictive substance in tobacco nicotine
Smoking during pregnancy can: increase teh incidence of SIDS in newborns
Created by: atruan
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