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P&P test

The order of our operas timeline max's speech, revolt, 2nd battle, fiery animal debate and snowball is chased off, snowball blamed, massacre and pigs change commandments, 2nd battle, boxer shipped off, pigs=men
give an overview of the song bohemian rhapsody by Queen This song has opera, rock n roll mixed into it. there are drums, piano, guitar and bass guitar in it. It talks about a mother killing his son and a boy in jail. written in 1975.
Give an overview of the song anarchy in the uk by the sex pistols This song talks about a person wanting to be anarchy, which means a state of society without government or law. The timbre of this song is smooth it is punk rock. the singer throws his voice around and the guitar is very repetitive. guitar and drums 1976
when did punk rock start? 1976, also called underground music and alternative started.
Give an overview of the song eleanor rigby by the beatles written in 1966. This song is about depressed people. Chello, violin, is what I heard. The timbre is slow and the singing is very harmonius, the violin is very short sounding and there are no long sounds.
Give an overview of the song the jack by AC/DC Written 1975. the song is a metaphor for a woman who knows how to play men into getting her things and to get other things. the song has guitar and bass guitar and drums. the timbre of the song has very high pitched vocals. The music is slow.
Give an overview of the song Hell hounds on my trail by robert johnson written in 1937, has acoustic guitar. it is about a man who thinks hell hounds are on his trail, prob a metaphor. timbre is scrtchy because of the technology and the singing is very high.
give an overview of the song I will survive by Cake written 200's, has guitar, bass guitar, and drums. song is originlly sang by gloria ganer.
give an overview of the song 1999 by Prince. written in the 1980's. song is bout partying. has drums, vocals and synthesizer and guitar. timbre of the song is fast and some of the sounds are artificial.
what are analog and digital waves. analog waves is natural sound with nothing artitficial and digital waves or square waves are artificial, 1999 uses these a lot. the right mixture is aad
What is timbre? the difference or uniqueness of every sound. pronounced tambre
give an overview of the song frank sinatra by Cake. written in 2002. Adult alternative music. about radio waves never stopping. timbre is dry like all of the songs from cake and thevocals are very nique and almost gravely but not quite. has guitar, bass, drums, and trumpet.
give the timeline of popular music in order anarchy in the uk sent alternative music underground and popular music split. in 1990-1 adult alterative resurfaced.
give an overview of the song smells like teen spirit by nirvana 1991 it was written. has s=drum guitar and bass. it is a metaphor from eoderant talking about the youth during the 1990's. sung by kurt cobane who later commited suicide.
give an overview of the song seeing red by minor threat written in 1981, has guitar, drums bass. timbre is very fast and gravely. about a man that is ver mad.
give an overview of the song overture by the who. has guitar, keyboard, drums, and trupet. written in the 1980s. it is from the movie tommy. the timbre is very happy and some parts are sad. the ddd version is not scratchy and the aad is.
Give an overview of the song Rappers Delight by the Sugarhill Gang made in 1979, top 40 on the hip hop list, it had the drums and piano, bass guitar. It has a very groovy beat. The lyrics have men rapping.
Give an overview of the song search and destroy by Iggy Pop This song has guitar, drums, and bass guitar. The lyrics are a little rough and the guitar is edgy and repetitive. Iggy pop is the grandfather of alternative music and he had the first stage dive
Give an overview of the song foggy notion by velvet underground This song has guitar, bass guitar, and drums. The guitar is high pitched. The vocals have harmonizing lyrics with backup singers. The vocals are sometimes wavy when he says, "sally may". About when drug high wears off. wrote 1970
Give an overview of the song I'm sticking with you by Velvet Underground This song has piano in it and some cymbals and a little bit of guitar. The vocals are very cleary and harmonical. Very different than the song foggy notion. This song is slow and makes me want to sway back and forth. written in 1970
Give an overview of the song space oddity by David Bowie This song features , drums, synthesizer, acoustic guitar. The vocals are clear and the song sounds liek its floating because of the violin in the background. The song goes through many changes in melodies. written in 1969
Give an overview of the song Time by Pink Floyd. This song has clocks and a synthesizer, and guitar, and like a jimbe or african drum. The vocals sound like soft yelling and very strong. There is a piano in the song. vocals also change timbre and sound soft and dreamy.Guitar is mostly (continued)...
Give an overview of the song time by pink floyd? (continued) high pitched. This type of rock is called phsychodelic and progressive. physychodellic- the experience of hallucinagenics progressive-technology and musicianship. Pink floyd had philisophical lyrics, fancy live shows, imaginary album art. written in 1973
Give an overview of the song should I stay or should I go by the clash This song has guitar, bass guitar, and drums. it is upbeat. the vocals have a little electric tinge to them. The song changes beats in the middle and gets faster and a tambourine comes in.
Give an overview of the song City Rocker by The Clash This song has guitar and drums and bass guitar. The lead vocals are rough and then the backup vocals are clear. The guitar is gravely and hard. The lead vocals in this song are a lot different than should I stay or should I go.
Created by: bub
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