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Theology 101

Final Exam

What were the key events of Jesus of Nazareth? Birth/infancy, public ministry, passion, Death and resurrection.
How do Christians understand the person of Jesus and his place in world history? He is the messiah, the true teacher of Israel, Judge of nations, he is fully human and devine. He is the same substance like the father.
What were the key decisions made at the four ecumenical council? In the first council in Nicaea(325) defended the divinity of Christ. The second echumenical council defended the divinity of the Holy Spirit, in the third defended the humanity of Christ and the fourth defended the humanity of Christ.
How do Christians understand Scriptures? Scriptures are read mostly symbolically, Holy spirit's breath goes into scripture.Inspired word of God. It also shows how people should live life.
How many books and what kinds of books make up the old testament 27 books are in the old testament. 4 gospels, paul's letter, the acts of the apostle, and 21 letters.
Explain origin and significance of the New Testament Canon. Iraneous and the church fathers decide what goes into the new testament. Iranaeous came up with apsotolic tradition where the oral tradition were past down from generation into the New Testament.
Give a sample how to use the new testament is used. shows how people should live life. Influence Augustine's conversion in the life on Antony.
What are the key Christian ritual? Eucharist, Baptism
What do Christians think these rituals do for who particpate in the Eucharist Eucharist draws you into the ritual lord's supper. It frees you from your sin. You rise and die with Christ.
What do Christians think these rituals do for who participate in the Baptism. Your letting go of your own life. When jesus cruxifed he was naked on the cross. When you get baptized you renounce your sin. You recieve the gift from God. Being more like Christ.
How do Christians of different traditions understand baptism protesants believe in believer baptism. Adult Baptism. Catholic believe in infant baptism.
How do Christians of different traditions understand Eucharist Greek orthodx believes the moment of consecration on the blood and wind. Catholic believes that say the words of Jesus before they eat.
Anathasius He died in 373. He was elected bishop of Alexandria. This was during the council of Constaninople(381). Big Defender of the Nicene creed. He was exiled 5 times. The main exile was in 358 where he flees to go to the desert to write a book Anothony.
Augustine Dies in 430. Born in Thagaste North Africa.He was the bishop of hippo. a Latin church father. After his conversion to Christianity and baptism (387), Augustine developed his own approach to philosophy and theology, accommodating a variety of methods
Martin Luther Died in 1546, He was a Monk, preist and theologian. Bishop of Magdeburg and Administrator and Archbishop of Maine. He believe salvation is faith alone. His theology challenge the pope of the Roman catholic Church. He wrote the 95 theses.
Thomas Aquinas Died in 1274,Italian priests. He was a philosopher and theologian. Create University for studing theology. His best work was the summa(the existence of God; God's creation, Man; Man's purpose; Christ; the Sacraments; and back to God.
What have been the key instiutions which have helped shaped the Character of Christians around the world?
What have been turning points in the history of Christianity?
What is theology? The Root THEO means study of God. Theology is basically faith seeking understanding.
What have been some key theological issues in the history of Christianity? The issue that Jesus is Divine. Jesus was born from the virgin Mary. Theotokos. How we believe the food during Eucharist becomes the blood and body of Christ. How Christians preserve monotheism.
How has theological debates been conduct over the century. In the early Christian church they had the Council's that conducted theological debates. In the Middle Ages, they conducted debates in monasteries. During the Reformation, the University conducted the debates. The students tried to name the pros and cons.
What are the variety of theological methods(origen, Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Congar)? Origen wrote letters and he preached a lot. Augustine also preaced, but he wrote volumes of books to convey his message. Thomas Aquinas use the Scholastic method learning theology in Universities. Luther printed books. Congar brought the historicalethods
What venues do theologians use to debate their views? They use preaching, writing letters, writing volumes of books. They use history and they use the media today to debate their views.
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