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facade the face or front of a building, a false front
facade a false or misleading appearance
reduce to make smaller in size, amount, or number (synonyms: decrease,dilute)
inflame to set on fire
inflame to make angry or aggravate (synonyms:annoy, aggravate, agitate, provoke)
inflame to cause to redden or grow hot from anger or excitement
inflame to cause inflammation in bodily tissue
skimpy barely enough (synonym: scant, meager) Use this word when there is just enough with little left over
synonym for skimpy scanty
grace approval, favor, or honor
grace help from God in overcoming temptation
grace short prayer at meals
grace beauty or ease of movement
grace used as a title for royalty
fluster (verb form) to make nervous and upset (synonym: agitate, perplex)
fluster (noun form) the state of agitation, confusion, excitement (Antonym: calm)
scant less than the correct or full amount (synonyms:insufficient, meager, skimpy)
synonymn for scanty skimpy
gist the real meaning (synonyms: crux, pith, core) Example: The gist of Al Gore's movie is that we need to do something about global warming now.
enlighten to give knowledge or understanding to (synonym: explain) Antonym: perplex
enlighten instruct (synonym: teach)
inept not suited for the occassion
inept inappropriate or out of place (example: an inept remark)
inept lacking in skill or ability to complete a particular task (synonym: clumsy, ungainly, incompetent) Antony: graceful
dexterity skill, grace, and ease, especially when using the hands (synonyms: agility, adroitness)
agitate to stir up, to move with an irregular, rapid, or violent action (example the hurricane winds agitated the seas) synonyms: churn
agitate to stir up or disturb
pithy being short and to the point
pith the important or essential part (example: the pith of the matter) synonyms: core, crux, gist,
deception misleading, the act of deceiving, a trick, not true (Antonyms: candid, honest)
deception something that tricks
gallivant to travel or roam about for PLEASURE (synonyms: rove, roam, straggle)
fidgety showing restlessness with nervous movements (synonyms: jittery, jumpy, agitated) Hint: use this when describing nervous movements
hypocrite a person who pretends to have virtues or qualities that he or she does not have (synonym: pretender) This person is deceptive
hypocrite a person whose actions contradict their stated beliefs or feelings (synonym: defector, trickster)
rove to roam about without a purpose or plan
rove to go from place to place without a plan
aimless lacking a purpose or a goal
prophet one who declares publicly a message that one believes has come from God
prophet one who foretells future events
dilute to make thinner or more liquid by adding or mixing something in
dilute lacking normal strength (like a drink, tea) synonym: reduce
predictable to tell or describe ahead of time
core the central or most important part
core the usually inedible central part of some fruits
core when used as a verb this means to remove a core from. Anna __________d the apple before eating it.
flustrated synonym for agitated
pith soft center of the stem of most flowering plants
pith center, core, or most important part
perplex to confuse
agitation the feeling of being agitated (synonym for flustration)
inflammation body tissue swelling
dilution synonym for reduction
prophecy synonym for prediction
prediction synonym for prophecy
predict foretell
prophet synonym for predictor
synonyn for dilute reduce
synonym for reduce when talking about liquids dilute
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